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Taking Advantage of Every Little Nook and Cranny

Last winter, we undertook a remodel of the upstairs of our 75-year-old home.This involved gutting and reworking an impractical bathroom, removing walls, transforming an office into a bedroom, adding closets, opening up sight lines, and making better use of light and spaces.   Our goals included brightening up the dark space and taking full advantage […]

Light and Happy Living Room Reveal

I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?  I change up my furniture, art, and accessory arrangement in my living room at least every six months or so.  I like things to stay fresh, which means tweaking from time to time. Or you could just call it a serial furniture rearranging disorder. Whatever. This is […]

Rescuing Treasure – Yard Sale Finds!

I had such a great weekend.  A dear friend was in town visiting, and we spent Saturday doing something we used to do together when she lived in Nashville:  went yard saling!  It’s been a long time since I’ve spent a dedicated morning trolling for sales – I usually just hit a random estate sale […]

How Your Personal Wardrobe Can Inspire Your Home Decor

Happy Monday!   Today the amazingly-talented Annette Tatum will be guest-blogging for me.  Annette is a textile designer, author of The Well-Dressed Home, and mother of four.   Her design philosophy stems from her belief that your home should be a reflection of your lifestyle, which includes how you dress.  Her lovely blog features inspiring fashion and home decor […]

Vintage Easter Downloads

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend with family and friends!  Wanted to share a few of my vintage Easter postcards.  You are welcome to download them.  I like to print them on cardstock and use them as decoration, tucking them in framed mirrors and under glass top tables.   Or, you can use them […]

Vintage Baby Shower

Baby showers are joyous occasions and don’t have to be generic or boring.   I always like to think about the honoree’s taste and style, as well as the baby’s room decor.    The honoree of this shower had an older son who was just moving out of the vintage western-themed nursery to make way for baby […]