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The Surprising Reason Why I Choose Paint Color FIRST

When designing interior spaces, I typically choose paint color first. If you work in the field of design, you may have been taught to do the exact opposite. I know, I know. That’s what they teach in design school. You start with art or fabric or rug, then choose a wall color from one of […]

Serial Furniture Rearranging & Other Disorders

As many of you know, I switched out my living room and dining room a few months ago and enjoyed a change of scenery in my home.  As the holidays approach, I decided I wanted enjoy the fireplace (sans books – see here what I’m talking about) so I switched them back.        […]

Are You Listening to Your Chairs?

Remember those chairs I painted a couple of weeks ago?    Below is a “before” of one of them.  I wish I had a real “before” of when I first bought her.  She sported a brown walnut stain and a burgundy seat cover.  When I found her she told me, “I’m tired of being one of a matched set of  dining […]

While the Cat’s Away, the Mouse will Paint Chairs

OK, actually the cat was right here with me and it was the baby mice that were away, but I did paint several chairs this week while my kids stayed with their grandparents in Kentucky.   Here are the motley crew of chairs that needed work:  

A Dresser Make-Over and What It Led To . . .

  I have an old French Provincial dresser in my younger daughter’s room.  The walls in her room are yellow and the dresser was a slightly lighter shade of yellow with gold accents.  It’s been in there for several years, and it’s been ok.  But not fabulous.  Awhile back,  I picked out a vivid shade  of […]