Serial Furniture Rearranging & Other Disorders

As many of you know, I switched out my living room and dining room a few months ago and enjoyed a change of scenery in my home.  As the holidays approach, I decided I wanted enjoy the fireplace (sans books – see here what I’m talking about) so I switched them back. 





That doesn’t mean my living room looks like it used to, since I traded sofas in the living and enclosed sleeping porch.  This is where the red sofa used to sit:

the decorologist in gatherings magazine

 photo by Heather Spriggs


This is the way my living room looked with the green sofa back in the spring in this photo taken for Gatherings Magazine:

gustavian living room shabby chic eurotrash

 Photo by Heather Spriggs for Gatherings Magazine


I wanted to nestle close to the fireplace as I write for my blog, work on virtual designs, or shop online for clients.  So my furniture is arranged a bit differently than before the initial switcheroo. 

painted sofa, victorian, shabby chic, vintage, living room, prescott green


Also, a few months ago I finally took the plunge and painted my cherished Victorian sofa.  It was originally an orange and green velvet pattern when it belonged to my granny.  I had it recovered when I got it 22 years ago, and this is how it had looked ever since.

red upholstery painted wood


A few coats of Benjamin Moore’s Shale and a little sanding transformed the “heavy” look to something a bit lighter.  This is how it looks now:

victorian couch


My dining room is back in it’s original place.  All my mismatched dining chairs are now all painted in gilt or Benjamin Moore’s Waterbury Green.  I’m digging green and gold right now. 

regency chandelier mismatched dining chairs gold green



I also bought an old tole chandelier on Ebay and decided to custom paint it to hang over the pedestal table in my entry. 

floral painted light fixture



It replaced another light fixture I had here that looked kinda like a floral jellyfish:

 the decorologist in gatherings magazine

Photo by Heather Spriggs for Gatherings Magazine 


I liked it when it was turned on, but not so much when it wasn’t.  Anyway, it was the only light fixture in the house that wasn’t vintage (and you know I prefer that), so I was ready for a change.

entry vintage tablescape


 So, yeah, I admit it.  My name is Kristie, and I’m a serial furniture rearranger.  How ’bout you?

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8 years ago

Good Morning Kristie…
I just adore your home!!! I want to move in as of, lets see yesterday! You did a great job on your sofa! Is your husband liking it any better? That was funny when you said your lighting fixture looks like a jellyfish 🙂 It’s a pretty jellyfish though. Your new fixture does look better. I love the colors.
Oh…Hi my name is Katie, and I am a serial “Have way too many projects going at one time” XoXo

8 years ago

Your place really is gorgeous. I adore the look of your sofa now that it’s been painted and the new light fixture is to die for!

8 years ago

I like this new lamp and the related changes you made — the cream table cloth etc.. I think it looks nice as well even when it’s turned off. Is this your breakfast table? It has so much character/feel in it, its shape, material, pattern. So only two people eat on this table ? 🙂 it’s a temp loss that it has to be covered by this table cloth as the table cloth does make the whole thing better looking.

8 years ago

i c, so this is part of the living room…that’s nice and a good usage of that space, so inviting.

Sheila Zeller
8 years ago

I love that your sofa was passed down to you from your Granny… and I’m really loving its new look. Nice work!
Um, is being a serial furniture arranger a problem? Cause if not, I wish it was in more home!
Have a great weekend, Kristie!

PS – now when I read your blog I can picture you curled up on your sofa by the fire. Great space for inspired writing 🙂

Lesley T
Lesley T
8 years ago

Is that Wyeth Blue in your entry/jellyfish light picture? And what about the trim color? I’m doing a complete re-do of my family room and I’m thinking about this color for my new ceiling planks. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

8 years ago

There is a special place in my heart for serial furniture rearrangers… probably because I have the same affliction.

8 years ago

The couch looks soooo much better with the white trim! And the new light fixture fits the style of the room much better than the floral jellyfish! 🙂

Michelle at Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust

My name is Michelle . . . “Hi Michelle” . . . I also love to change things & can’t seem to stop myself. It all goes back to my childhood . . . pink shag carpeting . . . canopy bed . . . changing the furniture around. Ahh, I feel better sharing. Thanks!

Warmly, Michelle
PS – I love the beautiful mood in your rooms.

8 years ago

Love both rooms….what great photos! Seeing your sofa painted really makes me want to paint mine. I’ve tried to resist the urge but seeing your’s is pushing me towards doing it. No reason not to….huh? I know I’d enjoy chippy white more than the wood now…. I have never regretted painting anything white in the past….so I should just do it. This is a great post.

8 years ago

Such great style. I love a mind that says ” Why not?” and is willing to try new things. As a fellow serial furniture re-arranger I could totally relate to this post. Love the paint on the victorian beauty and the mismatched dining chairs. Such fun to view spaces. Thanks so much for linking this to Motivated Monday at BeColorful.

8 years ago

It gives me feeling of satisfaction to rearrange my home, I feel like I really cleaned and refreshed it. I’m driving my family crazy


[…]  I like things to stay fresh, which means tweaking from time to time. Or you could just call it a serial furniture rearranging disorder. Whatever. This is living room right […]

2 years ago

Guilty … actually sitting here “Googling” for people like me … “Serial Furniture Rearrangers” …

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