How Symmetry Can Bring You Peace

Do you want your space to feel calming and balanced?  If you do, it’s important to introduce a sense of symmetry in the room.  People who enter a room that is arranged in a symmetrical manner will often describe it as peaceful.  And who isn’t looking to create that kind of feeling in their home?

Creating a mirror image on either side of an axis creates a visual calmness and is psychologically soothing.  The most obvious example would be that of a room centered symmetrically on a central architectural feature such as a fireplace.

Too many people make the mistake of ignoring their architecture!  Use your architecture as the axis on which to create balance and symmetry. 




Ok, say your room doesn’t have a fireplace.  Maybe the architectural element you use as your axis for furniture placement is a window, like here.



In a bedroom, your bed should always take center stage.  The symmetrical mirrors, side tables, and lamps are incredibly calming and welcoming in this space.

Don’t have a strong architectural element on which to center your furniture arrangement?  Use your largest piece of furniture:  a sofa, an armoire, an entertainment center can to be your “axis” to create soothing symmetry.


Want to bring a sense of balance and peacefulness into your space?  Contact The Decorologist to schedule a restyling of your home using all your own furniture and accessories!



Photo Credits: House to Home (1, 4) ,Traditional Home (2), Cote de Texas (3, 6), DecorPad (5).

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9 thoughts on “How Symmetry Can Bring You Peace

  1. Heather says:

    oh, yes!! i love symmetry. sometimes i worry that i get too perfectionist with it. but i love this idea of peacefulness connected to symmetrical balance. and how even in the midst of symmetry you could use two different table of the same scale to create harmony. like that cream and pink living room. love it. formal, elegant yet inviting. my kind of style.

  2. Ange says:

    Symmetry is definitely something I aim for in my home for the very reason you give, a feeling of peace and sense of calm. I don’t always succeed but I always know when it’s working based on how the room makes me feel.

  3. Lora says:

    no symmetry in my studio space…but one of these days i suppose 🙂

    actually, i’ve always loved the IDEA of symmetry, but i think i happen to be more of an asymmetrical soul…

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    • Chelsea says:

      OK I just had an idea for any Developers, Coders, or Influencial’s who like this idea. Some people have Tablet’s I’m geuissng most don’t.(Me) We can use the height of the mouse to emulate pen pressure, but that’s horrible! How can you get fine control with that?? BUT! I have a solution- A hot key that does two things at once. First, holding it down makes the ink flow, so if you drag the mouse around it will draw just like holding a right-click. Secondly, it assign’s the level of pressure to the mouse wheel which you can now use with your freed index finger. I will try to implement this on my own because I want it badly. If I have any success, I’ll let every one know!

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