Nashville’s Flood of the Century + Prize Giveaway Winner

Ok, this is going to be an odd post.  Over the weekend, Nashville experienced unprecedented flooding following 14+ inches of rain in 36 hours.  I’ve spent a great deal of those hours bailing water out my basement, so I haven’t had time to focus too much on decorating!  This is my house and our attempts to keep the water out.  

This is a picture of the creek that is now a lake in my backyard.  Thankfully, our house is on the hill above this.   The folks on the other side of the creek didn’t fare as well.  

On a happier note, we have a winner of my latest Prize Giveaway.  These darling retro glasses were provided by Dianne Tant of Mimi’s Garden Florals.   Congratulations to Liebchen74 who won these cuties.

Please pray for all the families in middle Tennessee who have lost their homes and their possessions.  The next few weeks are going to be really difficult for so many people.  Stay safe.



  1. LaJuana Gill

    Kristie, I am so sorry! I was specifically praying for you and your basement. I’m so sorry it flooded.

  2. Lee

    Kristie, so glad you are safe. We have been watching the news from Nashville and praying for everyone!

  3. Jen C.

    well, that was a happy ending to a dreary post for me! i won! thanks, kb and mimi!

  4. PAM C

    congratulations to Jen. we are thankful that your lovely home was spared and all others continue to be in our prayers. “God is our refuge and our stength ,a very present help in trouble”Psalm 46:1


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