Product of the Year Awarded at RESA Convention

Last weekend was the Real Estate Staging Association convention and 9th annual Home Staging Industry Awards in Las Vegas, where the best home stagers in the world gather to network with each other and grow in their knowledge and skill.

2016 resa convention

2016 RESA convention

It was so much fun to attend with several stagers that I have trained over the last couple of years. There were seven Expert Psychological Stagers™ who made it to Las Vegas, here are six out of seven of us on the red carpet:
expert psychological stagers at real estate staging convention

Music City Staging, Reflections of You, The Decorologist, Superior Construction & Design, Reinventing Spaces, Perfecting Places, Love at First Sight Staging (not pictured)


I set up a sponsored table this year for the first time, and boy, was that a lot of work! I had to ship a bunch of Psychological Staging Paint Color Toolboxes prior to the convention and bring a 50-pound box of books on the plane. Unfortunately, we were unable to find anyone available at either the airport OR the back entrance of the hotel where the taxi dropped me off to help me carry that little beast of a package (along with luggage)! Things seldom go according to plan . . .

Psychologist Staging Products table


Thankfully, after getting to my final destination where the convention was being held, all the boxes and products were successfully delivered and unpacked! You’ll never guess who my first sale was to? The bellhop. That’s right – as soon as we unloaded the boxes, she asked if she could purchase my book, Psychological Staging – Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist. She told me that she runs a management company and has been staging some model apartments – she wanted to learn more and continue to move in the direction of staging as a career.

Isn’t that awesome??? Most people didn’t start out in home staging – it’s a relatively new industry. It’s usually their second (or even third) career! I started 13 years ago, which was in pioneer days.

Those who succeed in this career do so because they follow this formula:

1) educate themselves,

2) do what they love,

3) and persevere.


RESA 2016 Product of the Year

Having the sponsor table allowed the stagers to see my Paint Color Toolkit up close – from the painted boards, to the instructions on the backs of each board, to the system that enables you to choose the perfect paint color palette for an entire home in about 20 minutes. Did I tell you I was up for product of the year?


egypt sherrod speaker RESA

RESA had some really great speakers this year. One of my favorite speakers at the convention was Egypt Sherrod from HGTV’s Property Virgins. I got to speak with her a couple of times over the course of the convention, and she is just an amazing person. She heads a very successful real estate group in Georgia. She’s the real deal and a class act! I bought her book, which she signed, only to LEAVE IT ON THE AIRPLANE on the way home . . . argh.


While in Las Vegas, I was fortunate enough to get to see Olivia Newton-John perform:

olivia newton john at the flamingo, las vegasOlivia at The Flamingo in Las Vegas


AND, because I have friends in high places (thank you, Music City Staging), I actually got to go backstage to the green room and meet her!

backstage with olivia newton john

Awards night was Saturday evening and I was more than excited to win the award for product of the year! Our Psychological Staging Paint Color Toolkit was awarded The RESA 2016 Innovative Product or Service of the Year. The award was voted on by my home staging industry peers, which is such an honor to me.

innovative product of the year award

 2016 Product of the Year - The Decorologist

In a two day period, I got a total of seven hours sleep (I’m waayyyy too old for that). I got back to Nashville and was sick for two days. I suppose that’s what jet-setting will do to a girl.

In case you are considering registering for our March 3-5 Expert Psychological Stager™ course, you should know that we are officially a RESA Home Staging Affiliate! Over half the class is already full, so be sure to sign up as soon as possible to reserve your spot.

(Oh, and the product of the year is included in the course!)


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18 thoughts on “Product of the Year Awarded at RESA Convention

  1. Michelle Lasley says:

    I’m so proud of you!!!!! Congratulations! And also, thanks for giving me a picture of you as a home staging pioneer: “the butter churn goes over here, we’ll hang a wagon wheel there, and somebody please white wash that brick fireplace!”

  2. Tatia Caruana says:

    Congratulations! Very happy for you. Anyone who reads your blog can tell how passionate you are about your profession. Thanks for all your advice and photos. BTW, in case you are looking for a “closet girl”, I am a senior designer w Closets by Design. Would love to show you my portfolio in case you have clients who are looking to organize a closet (or pantry , or garage, etc)!

  3. Molly Hendricks says:

    Congrats yet again, Ms. Decorologist!! I’m just tickled for you! What a whirl of an awesome weekend. “Friends in high places”…hehe….more like “friends with hubbies in high places.” And you’re not the only one with the two-plus-days of recovery time required upon return to Nashville. SO worth the pain. : )

  4. Paula Van Hoogen says:

    I can’t help but remember the cute picture of your daughter down in the basement & ” “down in the dumps” trying to hang in and help you with all that work of making those kits, Kristie!!! Give her a big hug (for me too!) and tell her it was all worth it??

  5. Kristie Shelton says:

    Congratulations, Kristie! I plan on adding it to my inventory this month. I just recently discovered your business through RESA and immediately bought your book, and videos. They were very well organized and packed with easy to implement tools and strategies. Even though I became a certified stager three years ago, I am just now putting efforts into marketing and promoting my business. I hope to make it to your ESP course next year.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Thank you, Kristie! I hardly ever meet other Kristies spelled like me 🙂 Thank you for the positive feedback about my books and videos! I’d love to have you in our EPS class – FYI, after the March 3-5 course, we are planning on doing one in June and September of 2016.

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