A Child’s Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

After giving birth to her 4th daughter, my client (and long-time friend) needed to rethink her home’s floorplan.  The former den was about to get a makeover – with a little help from The Decorologist and IKEA.

DSC 2339 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

Design by The Decorologist


The idea was to convert the former den into a bedroom for the two oldest daughters so the baby and toddler could each have their own rooms (very necessary for successful naptimes!).  They already had twin beds and wanted to make a list for the upcoming trip to the modern decor mecca, IKEA, in Atlanta.  We took measurements and worked up a solid furniture arrangement, determining what the girls needed and what would fit into the new space perfectly.

malm bed frame  36792 PE128048 S4 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

IKEA Malma twin bed in birch

The kicker was determining the perfect color for the room.   In the end, the color scheme was  a compromise that met the desires of both daughters and momma.

010 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

 Before – Room as Den


You see, momma is NOT a pink kind of girl.  Of course, that’s the paint color the daughters were begging for!  Initially, everything was pretty much beige on beige – beige carpet, beige walls, beige sofas.  Here’s the “before” of the area where the beds would ultimately be placed:

0201 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

These cutie-pies obviously favor pink!


The answer to the color conundrum was obvious – a warm, neutral wall color plus the perfect pink on the ceiling.  Below is the same area of the room “after.”  The darker brown makes the pink more sophisticated and keeps it from being tooo bubble gum sweet.  Although, it’s still pretty sweet for two sweet little girls!

DSC 2305 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist


One trip to IKEA for everything on the list, and we were ready to set up the room!  All the furniture in this design is straight from IKEA – the bedding and curtains are from the Dwell line at Target.  The butterflies that flutter around the room are the Umbra Papillon set from Target.

DSC 2312 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

 Dwell Studio Polka Dot Bedding & Curtains

The walls were painted Benjamin Moore’s Alexandria Beige HC-77.

DSC 2335 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

Benjamin Moore’s Alexandria Beige

This is the ideal space for homework!

DSC 2326 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

 IKEA Desks and Chairs

The ceiling color is Benjamin Moore’s Rose Blush 037.

DSC 2357 A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist

 Polka Dots & Butterflies!


Starting with careful measurements and a good plan, everything fits in the room perfectly.  I’m happy to say, mother and daughters all love the new room!  Let’s just hope we don’t have to convert the dining room into a bedroom next . . .

pixel A Childs Room Design with IKEA & The Decorologist


  1. Hi, I am an IKEA fan. My home is an IKEA showcase. However, I have never seen the butterfly wall decor. Where is this located in IKEA? They look like something from Target.

  2. Gina,
    Thank you for your question – you are right, the butterflies are from Target. I made the correction in the post!

  3. This is adorable! I have never been a huge fan of pink, but after having my daughter about 18 months ago I know it will be in my future at some point. So I’ve been preparing myself by finding all sorts of pink items and design that are fun – and I love the idea of pink on ceiling. That’s a great idea. The bedding is adorable and I love the work areas. The Dwell Studio line at Target is one of my favorites.

  4. Laila Poole says:

    As always, Kristie, a beautiful job! I’m not a fan of pink either, but would certainly be happy with this. That is, if I had a little girl! Maybe grandchildren…..one day. :)

  5. Dianne Tant says:

    Oh Kristie: i just want to sit with you and listen forever. You did this so perfect….”Life if too short for Beige” but you did it with style…

  6. Great job! I also saw that my friend called you and you were able to do a great job on her upstairs den! News is getting around about you!

  7. very cute! I love the pink desk chairs!

  8. This looks awesome… and I bet you had so much fun with this one!

  9. It’s a fun room. These little girls’ friends will walk into the room and each think, “Wow! I wish this was my room!” I would have loved this space as a child. Great job!

  10. Great job Kristie! You can never ever have too much pink in my world :-)

  11. Love, LOVE the pink on the ceiling! And mixing pink with alexandria beige- brillant! As always, you did such a great transformation. Great job Ms. Decororologist!

  12. Adorable and perfect for the girly style…
    Have a lovely week Kristie, xo

  13. That’s fantastic! I’m finding out that the trend is leaning away from the bubble gum pink girly-girl rooms and choosing a color and design that she can grow into – and still a color that both girl and mamma like!

    Love IKEA! 45 minutes from my home in NC is an IKEA that is 345,000 sq. ft! My feet were killing me after that shop! Fun though, awesome store.

    Anywho, beautiful room and one happy girl I’m sure!

  14. I love it! Inspiring to see what can be done with less expensive IKEA and Target goods.

  15. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information

  16. Kristie, This room is gorgeous! I would have never thought to paint the ceiling pink. The girls must love it! Thanks so much for linking it up on Fab Friday. It’s my pleasure to feature you in my Favorites post tonight.

    Warmly, Michelle

  17. I love the design it’s sooo fresh and not overwhelming.. The girls and both momma can relax in the room.. :-)

  18. whats the name of the color that u use in the girls room its real cute thanks u

  19. Shelley Nance says:

    Love the pink ceiling! You have done it again, what little girl would not love this room! You’re a genius!

  20. This room is gorgeous! My girls would love to have this design in our new house :) Have you happen to see this bedding recently? I will be looking for it. Great job!

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