How to Look Like a Fashion Diva Without Even Trying (Much)

Ok, this post is not about decorating your house.  It’s about decorating YOU.   Hope that’s ok – you do want to look hot this season, don’t you?  Here’s my new Liberty of London sundress from Target – I’m hoping it’s hot!   

Monday morning I heard Cathi Aycock, Shopping Diva for the The Tennessean and, speak to a group of young moms about her top tips for looking hip this spring.  Cathi says if you can only buy one thing, invest in one really good pair of jeans.   I guess she means one pair of expensive jeans.  That’s not something I can really help you with, because I just can’t go over 19.99 for a pair of jeans.  But maybe she’s right – if I had one pair of awesome expensive jeans, I might not feel the need to have a dozen cheap ones.  Who knows? 

Cathi (this is her) also thinks it’s super-important to have a really good jacket.  The right length in apparently just a bit below the waistline, never below the butt.  A good jacket with a little bit of structure can help you create the illusion of an hourglass figure.  Wear one over a t-shirt and a nice pair of jeans.

If you want to look current and hip, you need to wear a piece of “statement” jewelry.  And right now, it’s all about the necklace or bracelet.  Cathi spoke of combining several necklaces to make a statement, or maybe a combo of bracelets.  But not both at the same time.  Pick one area to accessorize.  Apparently, there’s nothing more dated than small, delicate jewelry or matching jewelry sets.

Scarves are still hot, even into the spring and summer!  A scarf will update an otherwise boring outfit.

  Skinny jeans are still in, but are difficult to wear for those of us who actually have hips.  Cathi advises looking for the “boyfriend” skinny jeans.  Apparently, they are more forgiving and look cool on most people.

Speaking of boyfriends, Cathi also advises looking for a “boyfriend” jacket.  And apparently denim jackets are back in.  Denim on denim is good, but I’m not quite sure what that means yet.

The colorful shoe or bag continues to be hot.  And it’s NOT supposed to match the rest of your clothes.  Color coordinating is so out.

Well, that’s what I learned.  So go decorate yourself!

Photo Credits:  Kristie Barnett, Diane Tant, PinkChocolateBreak,  FabCrush, Piperlime, TanoHandbag.


  1. Dianne Tant

    I’m so glad you posted this…I learned a lot from Cathi’s talk too.

  2. Frances

    And speaking of jewelry: Have you been to Charming Charlie in the new strip mall in Murfreesboro on Medical Center boulevard? The jewelry and accessory selections will blow you away! Go!

  3. Heather

    you always look modelesque to me. somehow you pull off granny chic with a sexy twist… like those killer boots with a floral frock! wow. sometimes i feel like i just end up with only the granny and forget the chic.

  4. Phyllis Hill

    This one is too hard for me. Thankfully my daughters and daughter in law help me in this department. One tip, if you get someone to help you then be sure and take pictures of yourself in the outfit with jewelry and all. Print out the pictures and keep them handy. This way you remember what goes with what.

  5. Lara Jane

    Wow, you are ROCKING that LoL dress from Target! I bought it (and about 10 others!) without trying on, because my 9-year-old son was with me when I went looking for an Easter dress. Turns out, I did NOT rock this dress! I loooove the peacock fabric and the ruffles, but an hourglass girl like me NEEDS a defined waist or we look frumpy and/or rectangular. You, however, have that model figure and can pull off anything! And yes, it IS hot!!!

    I want that blue bag superbad.

  6. kristiebarnett

    Thanks, Lara Jane! You just made my day! I haven’t tried it yet, but I was thinking the elastic top part of the dress could be turned under and the dress worn as a skirt instead. And I sure would love to have that blue handbag, too!

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