Best White Paint Color for Walls and Trim

Everyone wants to know the best white paint color for walls and trim – I get this question all the time!

best white paint color for walls and trim


You all know how much I like COLOR, but there is a place and time for everything. And on occasion, it’s the place and time for white paint on the walls and trim. This space felt choppy and small because of all the color shifts in the room. Notice all the changes, starting from the top of the photo and going down: yellow family room ceiling, white crown molding (in family room), green room header between family room and kitchen, yellow kitchen ceiling, white crown molding (in kitchen), green wall, white countertop, brown island, orange wood floors.



By painting the ceilings, trim, and walls out in white paint, we made the space feel open and larger. Now the same color (white) extends from the top of the photo all the way down to the dark island. Isn’t it much more pleasant and peaceful to the eye?

white dove walls trim
There are other whites I sometimes use, but

the best white paint color for walls and trim is Benjamin Moore White Dove.

It’s the perfect warm white – it has a very slight yellow undertone, but it isn’t discernable to most. It reads like an ever-so-slightly grayed white. Benjamin Moore White Dove is what we used in this space.

Another reason to use white paint on walls and trim is to downplay odd angles and architecture. Although the area beneath the stairs was a very efficient place to tuck in storage and a television . . .



it looks so much better when it isn’t outlined by all the green wall paint that was around it previously. The change in paint colors drew more attention to awkward angles, and now the best white paint color for walls and trim make the architecture less choppy.

benjamin moore white dove living room


I hear designers speak of choosing two different whites in the same room – one for the trim and one for the wall. But do you want to know a shocking secret? When you use the same white paint in two different sheens (eggshell for walls, semi-gloss for trim), they don’t look the same! That’s right, the wall and trim in these photos are the same exact color, only in different sheens. Here’s the why: the higher the sheen, the lighter any color will appear. A shiny White Dove will read lighter and whiter than a flatter finish of White Dove. So in most cases, there is really no reason to do two different whites unless you are looking to get more contrast than this:

white designer family room and kitchen


You’ll notice we changed out that ugly ceiling fan. The previous window treatments blocked too much of the natural light, so we freshened the windows with new window panels and nixed the roman shades altogether. Here’s the before:



White is a great choice if you have a room with lots of natural light. I don’t typically use it in rooms with very little natural light, because it can look shadowy and dull. Fabrics with lighter backgrounds and metallics like polished nickel and wintergold lightened up this room, too.

white sofa


We kept the slipcovered sofa and natural fiber rug, but found a fun coffee table to replace the heavy dark one from before. The new art looks more in keeping with the fresh, new look of the space.

best white paint color in living room


Ok, I know you’re dying to see more of the fabulous kitchen. The homeowners upgraded their kitchen with white cabinetry and marble countertops several years ago, but a few tweaks were needed. The island pendants were super-small and dark:



I chose these oversized lantern style pendants to take the kitchen up a notch. My client and her husband were initially worried the lights would be too large.

nickel lantern pendants over island


They’re perfect, right??? Here’s the room from the opposite angle. Notice how all the changes in colors look choppy:



But not anymore! Everything blends beautifully in the best white paint color for walls and trim:

marble countertop in white designer kitchen



The darker fabrics are about to say goodbye:



To make way for white washable slipcovers and BARE windows. With no privacy or light control issues in the breakfast nook, we opted to keep things as light as possible and forgoing window treatments here.

white slipcovered dining chairs


Are you all confused now after reading the post dripping with sarcasm about Ben’s and Sherwin’s 2016 Color of the Year? Well, like I said before: there’s a time and place for everything, and this house proves it!

So now my clients are moving to a new house, and guess what color they have chosen for their main interior color? White Dove, of course. They must think it’s the best white paint color for walls and trim, too! The new owner made an offer after being the first person to view it after staging, and happens to be a famous author whose book was #1 on the New York bestseller’s list for OVER A YEAR! That’s all I can tell you about that, but let’s just say she thinks this beautiful house has some divine secrets . . .

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after photos by SqFt Photography

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121 thoughts on “Best White Paint Color for Walls and Trim

  1. Elizabeth Scruggs says:

    Once again, you nailed it in this space and in the entire home. Thank you for sharing your God-given talent with others….you are doing exactly what you have been called to do my friend, and it shows!

  2. Georgianna Mae May says:

    That is the most incredible before and after, especially since it consisted almost entirely of simply painting the walls white. What a beautiful home. That coffee table is so cool. Where did you get it, if you don’t mind sharing?

  3. Kim says:

    If white can look shadowy in a room without a lot of natural light, what would you suggest if I want to keep a light palette? I have a north facing bedroom with small dormer windows and to be honest, every color I’ve tried on there has looked different dingy and shadowy including a light yellow. We have Brookline Beige in there now and it has never looked good even when it was in style! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      The only color that I’ve found that will “lighten” a dark room without natural light is yellow. I like Philadelphia Cream and Hawthorne Yellow (both Benjamin Moore)in spaces with limited light. My best advice is to add lots of artificial lighting in the way of lamp light and maybe sconces.

  4. Dee says:

    Could you do a post for the best white for an exterior paint? My house has charcoal roofing and vanilla bean ( which looks creme) painted brick. If I paint dove white will that be too light since it gets full sun? thanks!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I like a whiter (vs. creamier) white on exteriors with a gray roof. Creamier whites are better with brown roofs. So I think you definitely could do White Dove on the exterior as long as there isn’t creamy stone or unpainted brick to deal with!

      • Kim Passmore says:

        Thanks so much for the information. My husband is a general contractor and I am a real estate agent, decorator, laborer and more:) I also LOVE color and always have but I am on a “white” kick lately. I used a SW Alpaca (gray) on our last four projects and I think I am going to venture out and go “white” on our latest purchase to renovate and sell. The interior on this one is not near as open as the houses we build or renovate as I have no walls I can remove. I am second guessing myself on the exterior but I want to do a “creamy” paint on the masonite siding with black shutters, large black lanterns, etc. The roof is brown with some black in it. Do you have a suggestion on exterior color?

  5. Jean says:

    Beautiful! Hard to tell though what color their cabinets are ?One question I have is; do you need to be careful of white dove walls against white stock cabinets? Is it ok to have white dove walls and a stark white or linen white stock cabinets?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Great question, and a very important one! The cabinets were a close match to White Dove – we tested whites against it to make sure it would appear to be the same white. If you have white cabinets, it is very important to choose a white that matches the cabinetry. If you don’t, the darker of the two whites will look kinda dirty and the brighter white will stick out (not in a good way). I always start with my client’s desires for the space, but I NEVER forget that the existing finishes are hugely important to the outcome. If your cabinets are too stark white, you can paint the trim in the room the same white. Then perhaps choose a warmer white for the wall. In another project, I used Chantilly Lace (a whiter white) for trim and Classic Gray (a warmer white) for the walls. Here’s a link to that:

  6. Robin says:

    Oh man!!! Drop dead gorgeous. All of it. The before and after pics are jaw dropping. It all looks so seamless. I don’t have enough natural light in my home to pull this off (and your tips on who can/should saved many readers from running out to the paint store lol) but I would if I could….Oh! I would!! Now I’m racking my brain to figure out how to make my kitchen/dining area look more cohesive. Great, inspiring, drool worthy post!! lol

  7. Lorri S. says:

    This looks so nice and what a transformation! We are about to paint and now I’m second guessing our choices. We thought it would look good to pop the white trim but now I’m wondering. Our home does have a lot of natural light. The color on the walls now is BM Navajo White with a bright white trim (don’t know the color). I’ve always felt like the Navajo was a little bland and too yellowish. We are looking at SW Simplify Beige or SW Sand Dollar. Any advice?

  8. Carol Clark says:

    Yet another SO gorgeous project. I would have thought those lights would be too large, also, but they are PERFECT! Great job, Kristie, and thanks for sharing it. I learn so much from you!

  9. Katherine Faubion says:

    What do you think about BJ White Chocolate everywhere? So far it’s just on trim & I’ve got a ridiculous number of colors that have got to go in order to get ready for selling.

  10. Nicki says:

    Thank you for simplifying what can often be an agonizing choice, Christie. And I feel extra lucky, since you’ve featured my favorite, White Dove! I love the idea of using the same color, but in different finishes — genius! As a color lover, I’ve been through the stage (pardon the pun, lol) of painting each room a different wall color…but now I want more of a neutral backdrop with colorful art and accessories.

  11. Heather says:

    Hi Kristine, would you recommend white or ivory as a sofa colour against the white dove? Thank yiu for your beautiful work!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      These slipcovered sofas are a bit whiter than White Dove. Either is fine, so long as you repeat each of the whites you use a few times in the space. In other words, if the sofa is super white and the walls are off-white, make sure there are other things in the room that are super white and off-white, so that the mixing of the whites looks intentionally. I hope that helps!

  12. Keti Abazi says:

    One word: GORGEOUS!
    You are awesome Kristie.

    I love it so much I had to share this post with one of my staging clients who just bought a new house and loves the clean, crisp white look. 🙂

  13. Shawna says:

    Great article, I am working on a plan for painting our fairly new-to-u- house. Your Essential Paint Color guide is invaluable! I’m ready to get some samples to test this week. I cannot wait to paint the trim – for some reason the people that built this house chose Rocky Road for all the trim, doors, laundry cabinets and mudroom lockers. It is so icky! Pretty much ANY white would have been a better choice.

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  15. Ashley says:

    Hey! Thanks for your post! I’ve been debating on doing this color in my dance studio and could not find any information about having two different white or one for the walls and trim. So just to verify, you painted the ceiling, walls, and trim ALL in White Dove? Just in different sheens (flat, eggshell, and gloss?). Thanks again! Looks fabulous!

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  17. Gregg says:

    Is the ceiling in White Dove as well? If not, can you share the color, please. Forgive me if I missed in the article.

    I’ve spent two months looking at the nuances of about six whites—and I keep coming back to White Dove.
    I made the mistake of painting only a small sample on a wall in a couple rooms–and I just focused only on the undertone (as you mentioned can look a bit creamy in some lighting conditions)—and not the overall effect it would have on the room.
    I see that BM changed the formula of White Dove in November of 2014. Not sure of the change—some say it was in response to some coverage issue (online there was mention of more yellow, less black)—but have you noticed any difference in the color?

  18. Jill Hooper says:

    Hey! BEEE-UUUU-TI-FULLLLLL!! Love it!
    I read one of these comments and it sounds like you don’t recommend the all-white idea in a room with little natural light. Is that right? Also, my kitchen cabinets are a cream/towards pale yellow—would the white walls/trim work in there? Thanks! Jill

  19. Kim Gaspari says:

    I’m going to paint my entire interior white dove, walls and trim.
    Just talked with my painter, who thought eggshell walls and semi gloss trim using Regal BM in white dove are the sheens to use. I’m so hung up on choosing proper sheen for the walls and thought PEARL white dove walls and Semi gloss white dove trim would be better. Please help me get over this ridiculous indecisive detail.
    Why am I stuck on deciding between Pearl and Eggshell walls? Because I’m afraid the Eggshell/Semi gloss might be too much of a contrast and Pearl/Semi gloss might give me too much shine in the walls.

  20. daizy says:

    amazing. very good job. Pls can you give advice. I am painting a house off white and will want to know what fun colour I can use to add light in the sitting room area. pls what do u advice. thanks a lot

  21. Jane says:

    Love this, I’m inspired! What is your take on Sherwin Williams Alabaster? Also, is the ceiling painted the same white as well? What type of finish? Thank you!

  22. Sarah says:

    This room is gorgeous and just what we would love. I’ve seen so many great white rooms online and usually the paint color listed, but no one ever mentions the color/brand of flooring they use.
    Could you tell me the flooring used in this room or one that would go along with this type of room.

  23. Suzanne says:

    I love what you’ve done with white. I’m currently having my kitchen cabinets sanded and prepped for painting. I want to paint the cabinets white. New granite counters are going to be grey/white-ish color. Walls are going to be a true light grey.
    I’m stuck on choosing the right shade of white for the cabinets. Can’t decide between BM Chantilly Lace or BM white dove. I’ve been warned about going too stark white on the cabinets. But I don’t want the cabinets to look too yellowish or beigey either. Any advice you could offer would be immensely appreciated.

      • Tricia Johnston says:

        Hi, I’m so glad I found this site! I just booked painters to do dove white in all my walls, but I have white cabinets. My trim is simply white. So should I paint my cabinets simply white or is that too Stark? I saw an Instagram post of someone using Acadia white on walls of kitchen with white dove cabinets and white dove walls everywhere else. My house is open concept so I’m not sure how I’d do that. Totally stuck.

  24. Gogogramma says:

    So much nicer, however, the darker lighting and (every day living) clutter in the before pictures contribute to a heavier feeling. Would be nice to see the clutter cleared in the before pictures to get a truer sense of change. That said, the rooms look fabulous in white.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Thank you for your comment! If you notice, the photos were taken at about the same time of day (you can see the light outside in both are similar). The reason why the room was darker is because of the heavier window treatments that covered the upper portion of the windows and because of the dark wall colors. The lighter colors of the walls, art, window treatments, and accessories made the whole space feel lighter than before.

  25. judy lofgren says:

    hi Kristie, would your tip for painting the windows black,”macara tecnique”,look pretty with an all white dove painted living room as you described ? also… i was thinking of putting a saphpire colored sectional in the white dove living room, would that match or do you have a better idea? thank you!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      The black eyeliner on the windows would look stunning with a room painted white. I’ve done it! I think a jewel-toned sofa would be gorgeous – just be sure to repeat some of that color in some art or fabric elsewhere in the room, and it should be lovely!!! Thanks for reading, Judy.

  26. Joyce A says:

    Could you tell me the paint company that makes Leeds Castle paint color -you posted on the LP siding company website regarding paint colors that go with gray roofs. Thank you. Love your website .

  27. Trish says:

    I really enjoyed your post and what an amazing transformation! I learned more about color from this post than any other post I’ve read so far. I have been scouring photos and reading blogs trying to figure out what would give my home a more seamless look. My biggest concern is that I have wide oak trim throughout my home and it makes things feel quite “heavy”. I think I have narrowed down the wall color to BM edge comb gray. My doors are painted, not stained however which makes things even harder. Would you suggest painting the doors white dove or edgecomb gray? I don’t know how the white dove will look next to oak plus I’m also afraid there will be too many breaks i.e.. oak trim, white door, edge comb gray walls. Is there a rule for painting door and wall colors? I am hoping to eventually paint my kitchen cabinets white dove so I will be painting the ceilings white dove. I am also open for suggestions if you have any color palette ideas that compliment oak trim. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks a million.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Yep, bad idea. It’ll look builder grade if you do that. It’s the cheap, easy way to go and that’s how it will look – like you just spray painted the entire room the same. You need sheen variations for depth and dimension.

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  29. Adrienne says:

    Getting ready to paint exterior of new construction home near the ocean and really want to go white on white. It has a blue roof and two cupulas with blue roofs. Do you think Dove white would work? If so what sheens would you suggest? also any sherwin Williams suggestions?

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Ben Moore White Dove would be great – Sherwin Williams Pure White is similar. You don’t need to do different sheens on exterior trim and body – most painters do an exterior flat because the light reflecting off sheen can be glaring on an exterior.

  30. Melissa Freed says:

    I typically use eggshell for my walls but recently have started using flat since my walls have the “builder” texture on the walls. I don’t consider this textured look an upgrade and thought I should try to downplay it? I’m currently painting my bedroom back to white -with same white color on all trim work (semi) and ceiling(flat) . Then painting the bottom third of the wall in a flat black topped off with a white Chair rail (semi). So my question is to get the most luxury look and not builders, should I go back to using eggshell on the wall for both the black and white two-tone instead of flat? My room gets natural light that’s filtered through blinds and curtains. Thanks in advance:)

  31. Michelle says:

    I am torn right now between Benjamin Moore’s White Dove and Swiss Coffee. I am painting my entire house (interior) the same color…trim, walls and ceilings (in the different finishes of course). Most of my furniture and bedding is white or ivory/cream and my sofa is a deep brown. I also have some blues in my decor. I will have subway tile in my kitchen and hardwood floors throughout. Which of the two do you suggest? I generally lean towards a more creamy white which is making me think Swiss coffee but I still like white dove. I am so torn.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Since your choices are so similar and you are talking about whites, I suggest you buy a few pints of both – in both your trim and wall finishes, and test them on a wall/trim section in your home to compare the effect. Be sure to choose a wall in a room where you spend a good deal of time, opposite windows where the light typically comes in – and be sure to paint your test swatches on the same wall so that you are viewing the same lighting conditions for each. I usually suggest making up painted boards, but in the case of these two whites, I’d instead test directly on a two foot section of base molding and 2×2 section of drywall directly above the base molding. Good luck – I hope it turns out great!

  32. Michelle says:

    After testing these I am still not sure. My biggest problem is the rooms we are in the majority of the day are west facing and really dark. Do you have a suggestion for another BM color to try in the white/off-white category? I’ve read you have to be careful in painting low-light rooms all white or off-white.

  33. Susan says:

    We are contemplating repainting our kitchen cabinets White Dove, but the trim throughout our house is BM Decorator’s White. Is there a way to mix the two without repainting all of the trim in the house?

  34. Christine Penney says:

    I have a old railroad apartment in NYC. First floor, with very little natural light. I feel like a troll. I have one exposed brick wall. I am thinking painting brick wall white and all the others white except maybe one small
    wall with bookcase on one side something that will pop. Calalenti (sp) red or something dramatic. Keep reading white makes rooms smaller but I am sooo tired of grey and beiges. Any suggestions? It can be artsy
    funky suggestions too. Apartment has not been renovated in 30 years so paint job is my only hope.

  35. Maria Harrington says:

    I’m going to be doing my sunroom in White Dove eggshell for walls and semi-gloss for trim. It’s a narrow room with one long wall of windows, and the ceiling slants down towards the windows (so when you enter the room you are looking at both the ceiling and the shorter wall of windows). For this sort of visible slanted ceiling would you still recommend flat finish? Or keep it eggshell like the walls? It’s a full slant since the room is only 9 feet deep to begin with and the sunroom was attached to the house decades ago. My highest ceiling is barely 8 feet. =X

  36. Kad says:

    Beautiful transformation!! 2 questions: my kitchen cabinets are painted BM Simply White. However all of the trim in my home is SW Dover White. My kitchen backsplash is more of a creamy ivory, so I did a corresponding color on the walls to match backsplash (can’t recall the BM color name). After reading your article, should I have done my kitchen walls in BM simply white to match cabs, or would that have made my backsplash stick out in a bad way?
    Unrelated question: I am renovating a cape cod home with slanted ceilings on 2nd floor and I want to do an all-white (BM White Dove!) interior with black interior doors. Since ceilings are slanted on 2nd floor, just paint them the same sheen (eggshell) as walls?
    Thank you so much!!

  37. Paula says:

    This is a beautiful transformation.
    We just moved into a house and had most of the house painted a light grey called Miners Dust from Dunn Edwards. We are now looking to paint kitchen cabinets and deciding on colors. More than likely they will be white. Since the walls are the light grey which goes down to the trim, we are thinking of either BM White Dove or another white color from BM. The kitchen gets very dark in the late afternoon so definitely thinking of what would be the best contrast color. Appreciate your input. Thank you

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      If you are doing white kitchen cabinet, they absolutely need to be the same white and finish as the trim in that room. Otherwise the cabinets or trim (depending which is whitest) will make the other appear dirty. If you don’t like your existing trim color, then paint in the same as what you choose for the cabinetry. Good luck!

  38. Pamela Alspaugh says:

    Hello Kristie, I am so desiring for your comments about White Dove to be true but not finding it to be the case in my home that is being built. I am hoping you have explanation for what appears to be blue hue that is persistent on my White Dove painted eggshell walls in my new home. All walls of my ne to east facing rooms are showing blue tint all over the room and with the halogen lights used (since electrical is not finished) at night the same. I am seeing in nooks where there is no light, the beautiful full off white/cream you speak of and was anticipating thru out the home. What are your thoughts and should I stop our painters from painting?l!

    • Kristie Barnett says:


      Halogen lights have a blue cast, I would use soft white versions of LED bulbs so that doesn’t make the walls change color. As for natural daytime light, I’m not sure what could be going on. What part of the country are you in? Sometimes exterior colors (like blue skies and green foliage) can reflect their colors onto white paint, but it’s more likely that your paint is not mixed properly. This happens more often than you think, so I would check to make sure the mixed color is correct and matches Benjamin Moore White Dove exactly – dab the actual paint onto a paper swatch of White Dove, then blow dry with a hair dryer. Does it look exactly the same? I have never seen it go blue, and I have used White Dove so many times! I’m so sorry you are having trouble – let us know after you check the color match.

  39. Chantal says:

    Hi Kristie, I finally decided on painting my living room, dining room and hallway in White Dove after seeing your pics. I have high ceilings and my windows are Cedar wood, I have a lot of Walnut and dark furniture with cream and light blue upholstery. Not sure if that matters but I’m wondering what colour and finish do I paint the ceilings and trim?
    Thank you

      • Chantal J says:

        Hello Kristie,
        I’m painting my south facing living room, dining room and hallway in white dove.
        My girlfriend says I should paint the trim, stairs and ceiling in white so I chose chantilly lace. Would you paint the face of the stairs in pearl and the trim in semi-gloss?

  40. Karen says:

    Hi Kristie, great article and very timely for me! I have had advice from a designer to choose a different shade of white to paint on the walls, but I am not entirely sure I like the suggested colors. The cabinets are Simply White, as will be the trim in the room. Colors suggested for the walls and ceiling have been Silver Satin and Ballet White. Ballet White seemed too dirty looking next to the cabinet color and silver satin is pretty, but am worried about it looking too cool in our west facing room. We had discussed White Dove as well, but she seemed to thing it wouldn’t provided enough contrast. Some added info, flooring is a medium warm toned luxury vinyl planking. Would love to hear your thoughts!

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      Karen, I’d suggest you go Simply White on the walls in an eggshell finish. Like you see in this room, painting the same color in a different finish will give you a bit of contrast – but you won’t have to worry about anything looking too dirty or too bright against the opposing white!

  41. Michelle J Warren says:

    Beautiful. Did you use White Dove for the ceiling as well? What sheen did you use on the walls and the trim?

      • Tay says:

        I saw your post and went with White Dove eggshell on the walls (looks amazing!), but we used Chantilly Lace on the trims (we really like the contrast) – we want to go with White Dove in flat for the ceiling – but in one of your comments you suggested not doing that unless the trims are also in Dove White (with a different finish). Would it look really bad if we still went with the White Dove (flat) for the ceiling?

      • Lauren McCord says:

        Hey Kristie!! I am thinking about doing Dove white everywhere, does this include by Kitchen cabinets too? in the Semi gloss? So flat for ceiling, eggshell on walls and semigloss for trim AND cabinets? Thank you so very much!

  42. Lilly says:

    The transformation is simply stunning! I’m painting my kitchen cabinets in White Dove using Benjamin Moore ADVANCE. The entire room is White Dove – ceiling is flat finish, trim is semigloss, walls either matte or eggshell.

    My question is what finish should I use on the cupboards – BM ADVANCE in pearl, semigloss or matte? I am curious as to which Benjamin Moore grey you would use on kitchen walls with White Dove cabinets. Would really appreciate any suggestions.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I would suggest pearl or semigloss on the cabinets. Many people prefer the factory-finish look of pearl, but I like semigloss because then it perfectly matches the trim and cleaning is easier the higher the sheen. There are any number of grays you could do on the walls, if you prefer not to do White Dove there. I’d keep it light, though, so there’s not a ton of contrast. What kind of countertops do you have? It would need to complement the countertops, for sure.

  43. Brittany Garber says:

    This is just gorgeous. Such a transformation and it photographs so well!!
    Did you use the wall paint on the ceiling as well or get a different white/finish for the ceiling?

  44. Lori says:

    Hi Kristie. Thanks so much for sharing. The transformation is beautifully done. I am painting White Dove on walls, ceiling , and trims like you suggested. Was thinking of painting my kitchen cabinets Revered Pewter. Would you recommend this color or can you recommend another Gray for the kitchen cabinets. Also its been a challenge on the color to paint my brick fireplace in my all White Dove room. Countertops will be selected after i choose my colors. Would greatly appreciate any help.

    • Kristie Barnett says:

      I recommend you choose your countertops FIRST. If you choose your cabinet color first, you will severely limit your countertop choices, which are much more limited than paint options – and more expensive! Start there, then choose your cabinet colors – I hope that helps!

  45. Christine L Blum says:

    Hi Kristie,
    l love all your suggestions and comments. Now it’s my turn to ask you a question…………
    i live in a townhouse that faces north and we get alot of the hot sun here in Florida so we have the tendancy to keep the blinds and curtains closed to keep the air from running all day. I have the Ikea white slipcovered furniture and my home is mostly blues & off whites. I LOVE SW White Dove however a lot of the time our rooms appear semi dark because we keep the windows covered during the hottest of months.
    What are your thoughts about most of the house being painted in White Dove and would you do the trim and ceiling in the same color?

  46. wayne says:

    Have medium gray flooring and espresso cabinets in the kitchen can I still use White Dove? Have White Dove walls and trim in the adjacent family room. similar to the layout presented in your pics.

  47. Ben Kalaj says:

    In my opinion, one should paint crown moulding with a darker color than the ceiling to draw the eye upwards. This appears to make the ceiling rise. It makes room look bigger. And paint the trim the same color as or a lighter shade than the wall color to make the walls feel like they are receding.

  48. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for the post! My kitchen cabinets, trim, and walls are all BM Linen White painted several years ago. I love the look of walls and trim painted same color in different sheen. I now want to paint the adjoining dining room (they aren’t really open to each other but you can see into each room from the other) white on white as well, but the BM Linen White is really creamier than I want in the rest of the house. I can’t change the cabinet color so I’m stuck with Linen White in the kitchen. White Dove looks fabulous in the dining room, but I think it doesn’t transition well into the kitchen because Linen White is much creamier. Any suggestion for how I can continue with a white on white color scheme without going as creamy as Linen White in the rest of the house? Maybe mix some White Dove with Linen White to create a transitional color? Thank you!

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