In the Pink

Pink isn’t just for little girls anymore.  Really.  It looks totally grown-up when combined with neutrals, modern designs, and clean lines.

SwishandSwankyblogspot pic


Pair pink with brown, gray, or black to ground it.  Pair it with white for a fresh, crisp look.

Keep foundation pieces neutral and use pink accessories that can be easily changed out.

Use simple patterns, especially geometric ones like checks and stripes.

Pink and Brown Living Room

pink flowers Stay away from too many fussy details like skirts, flanges, and fringes.

If you’re concerned the pink will get out of control, avoid floral fabrics and wallpapers.  But DO feel free to incorporate real flowers!

Think hot pink or berry pink.  Adding some splashes of red keep it from seeming too sweet.  Use a mix of pinks so your room doesn’t look matchy-matchy.

Consider lining the inside of a bookcase with a raspberry color.

pink shoes

Use simple and light window treatments in a pink room.  Be really bold and add in some orange, like they did in this room. Pink, Red, and Orange Room

Not convinced to go pink?   You may want to instead use pink sparingly.  A few pillows or a throw inject personality into an otherwise neutral room.  Don’t be afraid to use a little pink.  You’re a grown-up, and it’s OK!!!!

Pink Accents in Living Room

Try a few of my top picks for some fun pinks:

All colors are Benjamin Moore

Pink Corsage 1349

Chinaberry 1351

Secret Rendevous 1341

Pretty in Pink 1334

Supple Pink 2007-50

Gypsy Rose 1327



  1. Jen C.

    i really needed to see this. i am trying to decide what to do for eva and lorelei’s room, and the only way i could figure out how to meld our style (“simple modern” as i’ve learned) with their style (PINK, PINK, PINK) is to do a bold pink with black and white (or silver?) accents. (i do love that orange suggestion, too, though.) do you have any ideas on where i could find some inspirational photos of kids’ rooms with a more modern flair? we love *dwell* magazine, but it doesn’t feature a lot of kid stuff.

  2. Natalie
  3. kristiebarnett

    Jen – Also check out Pottery Barn Teen. They have some clean-lined modern designs for girls’ rooms – and lots of dark or hot pink. Still good for little girls, just not so sweetsie as Pottery Barn Kids.

  4. Joy

    hello, this article and the second picture in this article has given me a very good idea on how to set up my loft. However, just tonight, I have spent 5 hours straight on the internet trying to look for that pink checkered throw displayed on the chaise in the second picture, at least something similar, but I failed. I’m really surprised as I thought this pattern should be popular. I feel so frustrated now and wonder where you find that piece. thank you so much. –Joy@California


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