Animal House – Staging Around the Wildlife

Last week, I was called in on a rather challenging staging job.  The home was occupied by animal lovers – to the extreme. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  



But it can be a hindrance when trying to market your home.  Upon entering, the first thing I noticed were the cat stairs . . .



That was just the beginning – in this home, animals rule the roost.  Not only is in full of dog and cat paraphenalia, but there is an obvious love for all the wild kingdom throughout this home. 



The powder room is papered in a leopard print.



The animal print wallpaper was the least of it.  Let me show you more. This is the headboard of the master bedroom.  I am not kidding.



The homeowners have LOTS of stuffed animals.  Pretty much all over the house.



Can you find all the animals in the living room below?  I spy with my little eye:  4 moose, 3 cows, a possum, a cat, a dog, a goose, at first glance . . .  nevermind the cat toys scattered across the floor.



This black kitty is the focal point of the first room you see as you enter the house.



Even the furniture has paws.  Take a look!



Oh, there’s more.   



I think they installed these especially!  I’ve never seen anything like it. 



Lots of people and lots of potential home buyers are animal lovers.  But how many love opossums? 



Even the bedding – as we peeled back the layers, we found leopard print, dogs, cats, pigs, geese, sheep –



just to name a few!


This job was a Speed Staging.  That means The Decorologist and an assistant spent 2 hours in a mad frenzy making this very taste-specific space  into a n attractive home that will appeal to a wide range of home buyers, whether they are animal lovers or not.   If you were shopping for a new house, would you feel right as home in this property, or would you have concerns?  Stay tuned for my next blog post where the before and afters of this home are revealed!

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As a former stager, I feel your pain! I’ve seen homes like this and it amazes me! I especially loved the master headboard! How romantic and inspiring!

8 years ago

Kristie ~ I am chuckling as I read this post! The Possum is my favorite! As a Home Stager myself I’ve seen some doozies and feel your pain as well. Kids and pets seem to rule the house and I think people get really weird when it comes to their animals..

it’s amazing what we can do in 2 hours isn’t it? Can’t wait to see the transformation.
New follower by the way, love your blog!

8 years ago

I’m allergic to cats, so if I opened the front door and saw the cat steps (and cat toys and cat paintings and cat decor and cat blankets), I’d probably walk right back out the door. Knowing that I would need to thoroughly clean everything in order to live there, perhaps even replacing the carpets, would make me much less eager to buy the house.

What’s your suggestion for sellers with indoor pets? I guess we’ll hear about it in the upcoming “before and after.”

Deb Konrad
8 years ago

Too funny…we all love our pets but this is way over the top! Love this blog!

Sheila @SZInteriors
8 years ago

I read this on my phone, and was dying to get back to the computer to really see the pics! Holy moly, I’m not quite sure what to think. And a speed staging? Are you serious? Thank goodness you can work miracles… heading over to see the reveal 🙂

8 years ago

hahaha I can’t stop lauging at all those furniture feet! LOL! Just hilarious!

keilyn nohrer
keilyn nohrer
5 years ago

Ok this is a Lon shot but im looking for the blanket u have in a photo here its dark blue with farm animals on it. My grandparents gave me one when I was a little girl and I’ve been searching for years for one could u please give me the name of it? Thank u so much

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