Clever Uses for Vintage Luggage

I have my own collection of vintage luggage which I use for storage and decoration in my home.   Here are some fabulous ideas I found for making those lovely bits of vintage history even more functional and delightful.



Check out this one-of-a-kind entry table created with a base of vintage suitcases:



This side table was created with a piece of vintage luggage topping a base of a director’s chair.



Add a lovely cushion and you quickly have a custom-made doggie bed – that’s one posh pup!



A simple piece of luggage forms the skeleton of this fabulous little medicine cabinet.  How clever is that?



There’s something so nostalgic about vintage luggage.  It harkens back to a time of glamour and travel and adventure.



 Are you going anywhere glamorous this weekend?


  1. There’s a hole in my life – and it’s in the shape of that medicine cabinet. Love!

  2. Jamie, you are so right – that medicine cabinet would be PERFECT for you :)

  3. I could definitely embrace that director’s chair base topped with a vintage luggage piece… and I’ll take the cast iron teapot too!

  4. The doggy bed is charming! I love the idea of using vintage luggage in creative and unusual ways. Great post!

  5. Love the doggie bed! Here in Sacramento, at our airport, there’s an art installation next to baggage pick up, that has a beat up turquoise steel baggage carrier with luggage stacked about 30 feet in the air. Old colorful luggage…everyone loves it!

  6. Fabulous ideas Kristie! I see luggage all the time when I shop in Altanta. Such valuable pieces from history and such fun colors they are available in. Perfect for someone wanting to add that pop!

  7. I have some vintage luggage pieces from my mother-in-law that you would die for Kristie! I have them on a suitcase holder (like the above director’s chair.) I love looking at them! Cool pictures!

  8. I am TOTALLY doing the suitcase on director’s chair idea. how cute!!

  9. Cool! I’m so taken with the medicine cabinet! Some people are SO creative. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Warmly, Michelle


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