No Books Were Burned in the Making of this Post

I was inspired – so I took the plunge and did it!  I filled my fireplace box with a ton-o-books and . . . tah-dah!

How About This for a Book Storage Solution?


Love it or hate it – what do you think?  I just love it – and if I must say so myself, it looks even better than the ones I posted about here.  It was easier than I thought – no need to fill up the entire fireplace, just stack them in the front directly in front of the gas logs (I did push them back a smidge).  I took a garbage bag and lined the bottom and layed the rest over the logs so as not to smoot up my books.  The ones around the edges of the opening may need a little dusting come Fall, but they should be fine.

Fireplace Chocked Full-o-Books


I get points for at least taking a chance, right?  On another note, I am very excited that Heather Spriggs Thompson spent the afternoon photographing my home today – my home will be featured in her new on-line design magazine, Gatherings, coming out in July!

The Decorologist’s Bedside Table


Heather is a fabulous photographer – I can’t wait to see my home through her eyes.

The Decorologist’s Sunroom


Stayed tuned and have a lovely weekend!

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25 thoughts on “No Books Were Burned in the Making of this Post

  1. Sheila Zeller says:

    This is too funny – I was just thinking about your books in the fireplace and wondering when we’d get to see it… and ta-dah!!! Love your lamp and bedside table – they are FAB!
    Have a great weekend Kristie!

  2. Linda says:

    It looks great Kristie. I love the color and the texture they add to the room…I hope someone doesn’t decide they want to read one of the books on the bottom!

  3. Jules says:

    Oh goodness girlie! You get points for trying something new and extra credit points for a job well done! Wow, I have a feeling I will be seeing this pinned and repinned on Pinterest! I have to make sure I follow your blog to see what else you come up with to inspire us with! Have a wonderful weekend, Jules

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