Mr. Dreamy & The Fabulous Townhome

Mr. Dreamy is the younger brother of a friend of mine.  He’s young, successful, attractive – and did I mention he’s a bachelor?  He moved to Nashville about 5 years ago and bought a 3-bedroom townhome in an upscale gated community called Brentwood Chase. 

Brentwood Chase


When he needed professional assistance setting up his first home, The Decorologist helped the young lad choose paint colors, window treatments, lighting, bedding, etc.

Mr. Dreamy’s Dining Room


 Oh yeah, this is how the dining room looked before The Decorologist intervened:

Blah Dining Room


And you know you want to see how his bedroom turned out.  Wouldn’t you be impressed by the bachelor with a bedroom like this?

Mr. Dreamy’s Bedroom


Anywho, when Mr. Dreamy recently decided to take a fabulous job in San Francisco, he again called The Decorologist to stage his townhouse before he put it on the market.  Because I had already intervened several years ago the townhouse looked pretty good – but a little tweeking was still needed.  This is how the living room was set up when I arrived last week (note:  this photo was taken by my client with a flash):

 Mr. Dreamy’s Living Room Before


Kinda on the drab side, wouldn’t you say?  My staging instincts kicked into gear – this living space needed a little more life!  I began by arranging the furniture in a way that made it appear larger, more open, and more welcoming.  I then added a select few accessories and art to give it a simple, yet high-end look.  (Notice how much better the colors look when taken without a flash.)

 Living Room Staged by The Decorologist


Mr. Dreamy is moving on up, which is sad for all you single Nashville ladies.  The good news is:  his fabulous townhome is available for sale or lease!  If you or someone you know is in the market for an 1800 square foot,  3 bedroom/ 2.5 bath designer townhome 3 minutes from I-65, check out The Decorologist’s FaceBook page for more photos and information!  Did I mention the fabulous pool?


  1. Naturally Carol

    Hi did a great job of opening the layout up and making it all appear lighter and brighter too..and I do appreciate that very elegant male bedroom you helped create!

  2. Monique

    I loved how you staged the living room. He has a beautiful home. Was there a reason why you didn’t ask him to move the huge TV and console? IMO, TV seems out of place and becomes the focal point for the room.

    • Kristie Barnett

      We did talk about that- it is HUGE. Men and their tvs . .

      • Monique

        Kristie, I should have known that you hadn’t overlooked the TV. 🙂

  3. Linda

    Beautiful job! I bet it sells in no time.

  4. marjan-ahrabi fard

    I saw more beatiful work of you,however this was good.thank you for showing to me.

  5. radhika

    Nice work! Love the color in the bedroom!


    nice job on the room and what a ridiculous difference the colors of the living room are with and without a flash!!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      yes Ashley, which is why i HAD to take photography lessons to get off “auto” – you just can’t reproduce paint colors in interiors well if you are using a flash!


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