Don’t Be Fooled – Color is Relative

On vacation with my family, I saw this in a kids’ science museum and had to take a photo to share with my readers.

photographed at WonderWorks museum


This is a perfect example of why a color you love in someone else’s space may not work as well in your space.  Your color will look different depending on several factors including the other colors around it.  As a Nashville Color Expert and Interior Decorator, The Decorologist can help you choose the colors that really work for you.  No fooling!

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I stared at that picture for two minutes and I still didn’t believe it! So I went googling and found this animated version of the same illusion. Sure enough … the diamonds are the same. If anyone else is as stubbornly skeptical as I was, you can see the animation here: (I know the link looks like it’s a game, but it’s not.)

I think it’s amazing and a little creepy, the tricks our brains can play on us!

Sheila Zeller

This is awesome Kristie!


What a nice example!