Paper Wreaths & Other Crafty Christmas Desires

There’s something about the Christmas season that sparks a bit of craftiness in me.  There are three projects that I am DYING to do over the next few weeks, but I am ridiculously short on time to do any of them.  However, I’m thinking if I say it aloud to you guys, it will encourage me to endulge myself and actually make them!  I am currently obsessed with the beautiful paper wreaths I have been seeing all over the internet.


etsy  source


What I like about these wreaths (besides how cool they look) is that they are made from inexpensive, common materials and they appear to be quite simple to make.  Believe me, complicated crafts DO NOT look appealing to me at this time in my life!

paper wreath



I mean, really, you just need a form or a base to staple or glue on rolled pages from books or old hymnals.  It can’t be rocket science, right???



Well, this one might be rocket science – I’m not sure how this wreath was made.  Maybe you make some kind of origami rosette and then crush them before gluing them onto a foam wreath?



Just so you know (and can hold me accountable), I also want to make a lampshade out of strips of cheesecloth (saw this idea in an antique store) for my daughter’s room.  This one should be easy-peasy.

lamp shade idea

Cheesecloth Lampshade


The third crafty thing I want to create this season is a Christmas tree sculpture made of books.  There’s no shortage of books around here, and you know how I love to decorate with them!  I mean, I can just use all the books I recently pulled out of my fireplace box, right? (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check that out here).  Is it just me, or does Christmas make you feel uncharacteristically crafty?


  1. That second wreath is absolutely adorable! And yes, I usually get the craft bug this time of year…I usually pick one craft and make it in different styles for several different people on my gift list. It’s picking, and then finding time in the crazy month of December, that’s the hard part(s.) Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby and the flea market!

  2. I absolutely love the wings! I would love to try this one myself! Thanks for all the lovely inspirations!

  3. I love these. I wonder if the base might be the sort of oasis for dried flowers. push in pre-glued possibly or wired? the rose one might be paper made into the sort of roses you see in ribbon roses you tube videos. I am doing a shabby chic office right now. I might just have a go :)

  4. Kristie I love the lamp shade!!! I have just the perfect shade sitting in my garage, waiting for something fun to become of it ;-)

  5. Well, I love the angel wings!! And it may not be rocket science, but it would take me the better part of a day to put it all together. Need a production line to make several of them.

  6. Please let me know about the lampshade too Kristie! I have a pair of very old lamps that might look great with this. I get crafty too this time of year. I am not the best but it makes me happy!

  7. copy of an email from Julia:

    “christmas brings out the crafty in me too – all that glittery stuff, the nice contrasts in textures, the rich colors. how are you going to make that tree book sculpture?”

  8. Christmas definitely brings out the crafty in me… the catch is actually completing the good ideas! I have a list, and some things are happening, others are moving to the new year. What are lists for, right?

  9. Shelley Armella says:

    Kristie, you have inspired me to make one for 2 of my friends whose birthdays are this month. What a beautiful gift a paper wreath would make. Thank you!

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