Make Your Own Snow Globes

I love vintage snow globes, but few keep all their liquid over the years.  I thought maybe this year I may try to make my own!  Martha Stewart and a few other people in blogland have tutorials, so I’ll relay the skinny on this project.


You’ll need a small jar – baby jar, olive jar, pimento jar, etc.  Using epoxy, adhere a small plastic or ceramic figurine, animal, or tree onto the inside of the lid.  Some crafters suggest mineral oil in the jar, but Martha says distilled water and a dash of glycerin.  Sprinkle in a little glitter.  Either screw that lid on tight, or put some epoxy on the threads of the lid first to keep it sealed up.  Flip it and shake!


Pretty simple, huh?  How about an idea that’s even easier, but yields a greater effect?  You could use a glass bell jar or apothecary jar to create a snow dome – all you need is the container, some items to go inside, and faux snow.  A modern presentation of the classic snow globe!


Photo Credits:  Martha Stewart, Flickr (fullofbliss’ photostream).


  1. Karina

    I love the scene under the bell jar! The snowglobe looks like a fun craft to do with the kids over christmas break. Thank you so much for all your wonderful ideas! I just love all your posts. It’s like a little give in my email everyday. Merry Christmas Kristie!!!!!

    • Kristie Barnett

      thank you, karina – that means a lot to me! merry Christmas!!!

  2. Allison

    I would definitely like to try this! Everybody loves a snowglobe!

  3. Kelly, The Brave New Home

    very cute idea! would make fun gifts, for sure!

  4. Tammy

    I remember making these with my daughters girl-scout troop many years ago.. They were a lot of fun to make!! I had made them for gifts back then too. I do like the big bell display that you made.. how cute!! I wish i had something like that to use so i could do the same. I have a glass cake plate but it has too much decoration on it so i don’t think it will work too well. Your idea is better!!

  5. Charlotte Howett

    Love this idea. I might just have to try it this year with the grands being here and their ages are 14 all the way down to 10 months. There are 11 of them and of course the youngest one wouldn’t do it altho his mom might want to help him. Thanks for sharing this. love, love, love it.

  6. Timecia Emerson

    The epoxy is it the resin or glue?

  7. janet chandler

    I love to make snow globes! I use candle jars! I don’t burn the candles so it is easy to empty by way of a heater for candles to make your home smell of the Holiday,s without the black smoke covering all your walls! I empty the wax while still melted,and run warm water around the outside of the jar.this makes it easy to remove most of the wax left inside! And clean and dry! And I find the trims and figures that can be hung by transparent thread or what have you,and small village trees and snow! And the lid is glued on top! And decorate around the seems of the lid,and place a battery powered candle on top! People seem to enjoy them!

  8. psanchez

    wonderful, accidentally found this page and am excited. I have a broken Christmas Pyramid from Germany which I can’t let go off. I now know what to do with the pieces. I even have the same little Dutch Lady! Thanks!

  9. Yvonne

    I think the bell shaped one is really pretty, but I was wondering what kind of bottom it has? can you just buy a piece of glass to glue on the bottom or does it already have one?


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