I’m a Rug Designer – Who Knew???

I’ve learned some important lessons about business and life over the last several years.  You never know what you are capable of until you try, and when someone asks me to do something I’ve never done that might actually help me grow in some way, I now say “YES.”

So when Carpet One Flooring asked me if I would design a welcome mat to aid breast cancer research, guess what I said?


Screenshot 2014 10 08 20.35.27 600x388 Im a Rug Designer   Who Knew???

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How to Score Bargains at Flea Markets

There was a two-page article in Saturday’s Tennessean newspaper about the upcoming Bella Rustica Marketplace, and guess who wrote it?

7O3A05471 600x400 How to Score Bargains at Flea Markets

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Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)

Over the weekend, I wrapped up my Expert Psychological Stager™ certification course after spending three intense days with 22 amazing women.  We worked hard, but had a whole lot of fun!

7O3A0006 600x398 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


Mortgage professional, Joe Repass of F&M Mortgage in Brentwood, TN, hosted our group and provided morning snacks and a catered lunch on the first day of training.

7O3A9994 600x400 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


In addition to training materials, everyone received paint fandecks from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams and a copy of my new book, Psychological Staging – The Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist. I also debuted my Psychological Staging Color Boards for sale.  I’m excited to be able to offer an easy way for Home Stagers and Realtors to choose the right paint colors for their staged homes without having to be a Color Expert!  Stayed tuned for more info about their availability soon . . .

7O3A9947 600x396 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


To break up a long day of learning on Friday, we had a private lunch at a local favorite, The Puffy Muffin.

7O3A0020 600x400 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


Nashville is a great city for foodies, with no lack of great dining.  Friday evening, we hung out at Urban Grub in the trendy 12th South Neighborhood.  The food was world-class, and the conversation amazing!  Here’s a selfie we took that night:

2014 09 19 18.44.06 2 600x600 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too) Expert Psychological Stagers™ Karen Hattan, Allison Lynch, and Kristie Barnett 


Saturday culminated in hands-on stagings of two homes that are going on the market.

7O3A0075 600x393 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


Half the group worked on one house in the morning, and the other half worked on the other house in the afternoon.

7O3A0154 600x503 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


It was so great to watch them all apply what they had been learning over the last couple of days in real-life staging situations!  They did such amazing work.

7O3A0160 600x423 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)



7O3A0086 400x600 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)



7O3A0156 600x477 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)



My trainees came from seven states – Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Nebraska, and of course, Tennessee. The entire group of women gelled so well, and we really got to know a lot about one another in a short amount of time.

7O3A0084 600x388 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


They all passed the course with flying colors –  these women are staged for success!!!

7O3A0001 600x461 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)



I never could have pulled it off without Allison.  I don’t know what I’d do without her!

7O3A0008 600x498 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


We’ve been inundated by requests for information regarding the next course we are offering January of 29-31, 2015.

7O3A0255 600x552 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


If you want to change your life and follow your passion for home staging and interior design, this just might be the chance you’ve been waiting for!

Expert Psychological Stager Logo 600x444 Staged for Success (And You Can Be, Too)


Location yet to be determined, but it will be in the Nashville area. For the first ten people that sign up,  you’ll get our Early-Bird Special of $1599.  After then the course will be $1799 until we fill up.  CLICK HERE to sign up now!  For more information about what the course includes, see this post.

A Better Paint Color Behind a Dark Brown Sofa – Try Elephant Gray

So you have a big puffy brown sofa in your family room and don’t plan to replace it any time soon.  And you have an accompanying wall color like this olive green. The color scheme here is brown + olive + gold or what I like to refer to as “blah.”

DSC 68381 509x600 A Better Paint Color Behind a Dark Brown Sofa   Try Elephant Gray

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Should Your Art Match Your Sofa?

I’ve often heard said that art doesn’t have to match your sofa (or your room, for that matter). The thought is that the la-tee-dah art is so much more important that your furnishings and other decor that making sure it matches is an insult.  I believe it’s an insult not to consider the size, shape, and colors of the art when choosing it for a space.  Don’t you want the art (and room) to look as good as possible?

7O3A8071 400x600 Should Your Art Match Your Sofa?

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Better Than Baking a Pie for Harry Connick, Jr.

It’s been a busy week around here!  I worked with three new clients – one of them even had the welcome sign out for me on her front porch when I arrived:

7O3A7630 600x452 Better Than Baking a Pie for Harry Connick, Jr.

Now that’s the way to start out your morning!

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All You Need to Become an Expert Psychological Stager

I am really excited to offer this opportunity to those of you who are ready to start your own Home Staging business or take your game to the next level as a Home Staging professional.
Over a decade of home staging, I have developed a unique system and mindset for staging properties to sell. This method has earned me both local and national Home Staging Awards and has made The Decorologist one of the most well-known staging experts in the country. This course will teach you a whole new way of thinking about Home Staging and set you up to apply advanced staging techniques to any residential property.  Not to mention, you will leave the course as a certified Expert Psychological Stager(EPS).  As you probably know, there are other training programs out there – and we encourage you to check them out before deciding whether or not you want to take our course.  Our price is highly competitive and the specialization of the training will set you apart from the rest.
7O3A6391 600x400 All You Need to Become an Expert Psychological Stager

WHEN: September 18th, 19th, and 20th, 2014

The training will be from 9-5 on Thursday and Friday, and 9 until about 1pm on Saturday, including a mix and mingle event on Thursday evening.  Over the three days, I will answer all your questions and give you hands-on experience that you cannot receive by just reading books and blogs.  I will walk you through training exercises that will teach you how to put my techniques into practice.  On the final day of training, you will actually be onsite, staging a real home on the market with one of the top realtors in Nashville.

PsychologicalStagingCVR R 466x600 All You Need to Become an Expert Psychological Stager
You will learn how to stage any home from start to finish, manage emotionally-attached clients, appeal to the emotions of all buyers, use the psychology of color in staging, build your arsenal of staging props, build your own unique business in the field of staging and design, and so much more.

WHERE:  Brentwood, TN 37027 (15 minutes from Nashville International Airport, downtown Nashville, and historic Franklin). Our training venue and lunches are being sponsored by Joe Repass of F&M Mortgage, one of the best in the business of financing the American dream of home ownership.

  • 3 days of live, in-person training by The Decorologist® (including onsite staging of a property for sale)
  • Training manual filled with my Psychological Staging techniques, starting or growing your Staging business, and forms that you will need
  • A printed bound copy of my soon-to-be-released, Psychological Staging: Home Staging Secrets of The Decorologist 
  • Professional photographed before/afters from the onsite Staging to start your own portfolio
  • Certification as an Expert Psychological Stager (EPS)
  • Breakfast and lunch on Thursday and Friday, afternoon snacks and sodas/water/coffee throughout the day
  • Ongoing support via a private facebook group for EPSs only
Here is a link to nearby hotels: Hotels plus things to do in Nashville.
IMG 9917.CR2  600x422 All You Need to Become an Expert Psychological Stager
COST:  The cost of the course is $1799
This fee in non-refundable.  However, if for any reason you cannot attend, the payment can be applied to a course offered at a later date. We are limiting the class to approximately 20 participants in order to provide an intimate and intensive learning experience. Due to early-bird sign-ups, this class is already over half full.  Also, you do not need to already be a design professional to attend and receive certification – you only need the passion and desire to start a new and exciting chapter in your life.

Remember, this is an investment in your future.  We hope to see you in September!
pixel All You Need to Become an Expert Psychological Stager