The Hottest Trend in Party Planning

What does an Ouija Board and elbow-length gloves have in common?  I found both of these things while spending Black Friday shopping estate sales and antique malls.   If you know why I purchased these disparate items, it means you are a die-hard fan of one of my latest obsessions . . . 


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Tablescaping for Gnomes and Fairies

Last week I hosted my Cooking Club in my home.  I am “up” to host once a year, and this year I chose an Enchanted Forest theme.  I always choose the theme based on decor first, then plan a menu around my decor – which is completely backwards for most of my Cooking Club friends.  Cooking is NOT my forte and decorating is, so there you go!

Enchanted Forest


This is where I started with my tablescape:   I scavenged my backyard for the right size tree limb and luckily found one with some grapevine wrapped around it.   I started adding in some owls, some small mounted antlers, and a few Tom Clark gnomes my father used to collect.

Basis for Enchanted Forest Tablescape


Actually, the only thing I had to purchase for this tablescape was a bag of moss from Michael’s.  It made a bit of a mess, and I was glad I decided to go without a tablecloth for this one.

Nature is Messy

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Dinner with Dead Presidents – A Patriotic Dinner

As many of my readers know, I am a member of a fabulous Cooking Club.  Twelve ladies get together once a month for a themed dinner party sans husbands and kids.  Heaven, I tell you!  Anyway, it was my turn in November to host.  I was inspired by the fact that the dinner date fell during election week.  I decided to create a menu based on favorites of our American presidents and their first ladies, but first I focused on the decor (of course!).   Blue and white tissue balls are fun and reusable. 

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Glass Bud Vases

Do you guys shop at Dollar Tree?  What a great place for finding mini-gifts, party favors, paper party products, stocking stuffers, holiday trinkets, and sometimes even good decor!   So I’m at my local Dollar Tree to stock up on Old London’s Melba Toast – but they don’t have it anymore!  Sad, but I did find these beautiful blue-tinted, delicately etched bud vases.  I scooped up 5 for a mere $5 and brought them home to do some styling. 

 Have you ever put a large centerpiece on your dining room table only to have to remove it to be able to see your guests?  Well, here’s a simple but elegant idea for a table “centerpiece” that doesn’t interfere with conversation.  I simply grabbed my new bargain bud vases, clipped some hydrangeas from my yard, and lined them down the middle of my table.  If you do this, it’s important to use items in odd numbers – 3, 5, or 7. 

Bud Vase Close-Up

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