Glass Bud Vases

Do you guys shop at Dollar Tree?  What a great place for finding mini-gifts, party favors, paper party products, stocking stuffers, holiday trinkets, and sometimes even good decor!   So I’m at my local Dollar Tree to stock up on Old London’s Melba Toast – but they don’t have it anymore!  Sad, but I did find these beautiful blue-tinted, delicately etched bud vases.  I scooped up 5 for a mere $5 and brought them home to do some styling. 

 Have you ever put a large centerpiece on your dining room table only to have to remove it to be able to see your guests?  Well, here’s a simple but elegant idea for a table “centerpiece” that doesn’t interfere with conversation.  I simply grabbed my new bargain bud vases, clipped some hydrangeas from my yard, and lined them down the middle of my table.  If you do this, it’s important to use items in odd numbers – 3, 5, or 7. 

Bud Vase Close-Up

These bud vases would be lovely with a single rose in each, or a daffodil, or even just a twig of greenery.  I think they’d look lovely across a fireplace mantel, as well.  Can you imagine how much money you could save by buying these in bulk and using them for a wedding reception or other event – on tables, in window sills, etc? 

Dollar Tree Bud VasesYou can also keep your used alfredo and spaghetti sauce glass jars (after removing labels and running them through the dishwasher, of course) and use them the same way.  I really like the shape of the Bertolli ones, but just pick the prettiest shape you can find when you are grocery shopping.

Keep thinking outside the box, and let me know if you have a great find to throw into my Bargain Bin!Bargain Tablescape


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11 years ago

GREAT ideas–you know I’m all about decorating on the cheap!

11 years ago

I used 3 cheap little vases in my dining room and filled them with small shells that my son collected on the beach this summer. Cheap, nostalgic, and pretty.

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