India Rose Shower Curtain

OK, I am seriously lusting after a few shower curtains I have stumbled upon.  I never thought I’d say that about a shower curtain, but just wait till you see these.  I saw this website in Domino magazine, one of my favorite decorating mags that recently went defunct L.  The website is called India Rose, and they have lots of pretty table linens, fabric bags, and unique accessories.  But the shower curtains are to die for.  Just check out the dressmaker details!  I think I would actually wear one of these lovelies!

Freedonia Bath Curtain from India Rose

Ruffled Curtains by India Rose

Freedonia by India Rose

A  little high for my checkbook, but what a statement one of these would make in a tired bathroom (like mine).  My bath is 70 years old with original tile and fixtures.  I love the old stuff and I love the colors – greens and black.  But it’s so hard to find towels and accessories that match or tie in.  So which idea do you like better?  The funky retro 70’s green one with maybe new lime towels? With that, I’d be sticking to a couple shades of green with black and cream.   Or the crazy fuchsia one with new fuchsia towels and maybe a piece of art with a dash of that color?  So then I’d have black, greens, and fuchsia.  Or, of course, I could be safe and stick with a white ruffled one.  I’m only dreaming at this point, but I’d love to have your opinion!

Bathroom Tile and WallpaperGreen and Black Bathroom Tile

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11 years ago

I don’t think your bathroom is tired, but if it is, that fuschia one would definitely wake it up!

11 years ago

I’m still thinking on your bathroom. I’m with Michelle — thinking fuchsia. But I keep coming back to the white. The great thing about a shower curtain: easy to change and move on should you grow tired of it. I’m having a harder time imagining lime in there — too many greens going on. Plus, somehow fuchsia goes on out into the rest of your house with a smoother flow (blending in with the pinks and deeper reds). And fuchsia would be really great with your wallpaper pattern.

Should you be thinking white — Target has a very inexpensive, super-cute white tuxedo-ruffled shower curtain. EXACTLY like on Anthropologie’s Web site and India Rose’s Prom Night Shower Curtain. Just a thought.

What about making one??? Get thee to a fabric store for soem beautiful barkcloth!

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