The Best Christmas Gifts You’ve Never Considered

Have you gotten into a rut trying to come up with gifts for the holidays? Or, are you having difficulty answering the question when asked what YOU might like as a present? Let’s see if I can give you some ideas on the best Christmas gifts for the design-minded.  (They might not be things you would have considered!)

best christmas gifts you've never considered


Bamboo Decor

I’m loving all things bamboo right now, which fits right in with the rainforest trend we’ve been seeing in decor. Whether it’s a bamboo picture frame or dining chair, you can paint it any color to make it especially graphic or quirky to match your decor. Here are some unpainted and painted examples:

bamboo photo frame

bamboo photo frames

bamboo chair

Bamboo dining chairs


I fell hard for this dresser at the Strawberry Patch Barn Sale back in September, but I couldn’t buy it because I didn’t have a place to put it in my house. See the bamboo detailing??

bamboo dresser

bamboo detailing on dresser from Southern Honey Workshop


Light Fixtures

You may not think about light fixtures as a Christmas gift, but how many of us still have a few hideous and dated light fixtures? One of my favorite finishes for new light fixtures is WINTER GOLD. Mixing metals is a hot trend, and because it’s kinda between gold and silver, winter gold works well with both! Here’s the lovely winter gold light fixture I recently chose for my client’s dining room:

winter gold light fixture

winter gold light fixture


Quirky Nostalgia

The best Christmas gifts are often the ones that are best remembered. And sometimes the ones you remember are the slightly off-beat choices. One of the favorite gifts I have ever received was a cuckoo clock from Mr. Man.  It’s nostalgic and quirky (two of my favorite things!) In fact, I loved it so much, we’ve gotten two more since then.

cuckoo clock

cuckoo clock 


Faux Animal Decor

My younger daughter is all about unicorns, so last Christmas I bought her a faux (obviously) taxidermy unicorn head with a glitter gold horn. Turns out, I loved it so much, I talked her into letting me hang it in the living room. Doesn’t look as crazy as it sounds:


Well, maybe just a little crazy . . .

unicorn head

unicorn head


Custom Jewelry

Unique jewelry can be the best Christmas gifts, and I’ve been obsessed with Jewelry Bee this year. I purchased several pieces of this custom-made jewelry for Christmas gifts at recent artisan sales this year. You can choose from their collection of found objects and baubles, or send them your own personal mementos to be made into a one-of-a-kind necklace.

jewelry bee

Jewelry Bee


Gift Cards

For those of you who would rather give (or have) a gift card, did you know that my favorite online auction site, EBTH (Everything But the House), offers those? Well, they do!

ebth gift card

EBTH gift card


Books That Teach You Something

And now for a little shameless promotion: For a limited time, Amazon is offering 30% off on any book, so this is the best time to purchase MY book – you can get it cheaper from them than you can from me directly (yes, it’s pricey, but it’s a professional manual and not intended for a general audience). Use the promo code: HOLIDAY30.

Currently it’s one of the three top-selling home staging books, and it’s in the top 1% of books on all of Amazon. This is pretty darn exciting, I must tell you, especially given that the book is self-published and currently promoted NO WHERE beyond this blog and social media.

psychological staging book cover

Psychological Staging (don’t forget to use the promo code!)

I hoped these sparked some gift giving ideas for you, or even gave you something to add to your own wishlist! Now I better get shopping myself . . .

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  1. Jessica

    I love your colors! They are some of my favorites! So soothing. Oh and I love the unicorn head, that is really fun.

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Jessica! I couldn’t live without color 🙂

  2. Kelly

    I love the look of the new winter gold also! Very pretty and like you said it goes with both silver and gold. Great gift ideas here!

  3. Beth L

    Congratulations on your book success! I need to get back to reading it, since I never finished it.

    I love that winter gold light. Today I purchased some gold & silver mixed jewelry for someone, and it’s so great because it goes with so many things. I hope this trend continues!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thanks, Beth! I think we’ll be seeing a lot of winter gold, and all-matching metals will be a thing of the past.

  4. Betsy Ferg

    I am so honored that you featured Jewelry Bee! That was the best “present” ever for me. Making jewelry that connects with people and shares their stories brings people happiness to not only them but also to me! I am so glad to have the opportunity to share my jewelry with even more people.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart !!

    • Kristie Barnett

      You’re welcome, Betsy! I LOVE your jewelry – and I can’t wait to give them as Christmas presents this year!!!


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