Easter Egg Trees

Growing up, my mother always hung plastic eggs from the two ornamental cherry trees in our front yard.  Back then, not many people did that – so the kids on the school bus really got a kick out of it!  I hope you’ll get a kick of inspiration out of these.





Photo Credits:  Martha Stewart, TheInspiredRoom (second to last), TravelWebshots (last).

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15 thoughts on “Easter Egg Trees

  1. Dianne Tant says:

    I have a small white egg (it also has little bunnies) tree that was my Mom’s..I treasure it and put it out every easter. the grandkids love to play with it

  2. Michelle L. says:

    Kristie, in the first picture…. is that a picture you took? I’m trying to figure out whether those are plastic eggs. And if so, how did they attach the ribbons? Hot glue? I have a tree just like that and I love how it looks with the Easter eggs! These are all pretty!

  3. kristiebarnett says:

    Michelle, the first picture is Martha Stewart. Target has some bagged plastic eggs in vivid colors like these – less pastel, more saturated colors. No need to hot glue the ribbons – just open the egg, put an inch of the ribbon inside and close up the egg. Of course, the eggs will hang horizontally this way. If you want them to hang vertically, you could put small holes in the tip end of the eggs, thread through some ribbon and make a knot on the inside so the ribbon stays put.

  4. Michelle says:

    I was one of those kids on the school bus, and I remember your mom’s trees! I think that’s where you get your fervor for holiday decorating.

    It’s time for me to cut some forsythia branches before they bloom. I force them inside, and that’s where I hang our Easter eggs.

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  8. dawn vesely says:

    i am going to decorate my outside tree today with the hanging plastic eggs and i wish there was an easier way to hang them vertically without putting holes in them…. i still am not sure on how to get these little holes in a lil hard plastic egg mind you i dont have a drill lol any other ideas for hanging vertical plastic eggs????? please help!

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