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Don’t think I don’t know you. If you read this blog, I have little doubt that you’d love to have this under the Christmas tree this year: Five years after the publication of everyone’s FAVORITE decorating book, Domino – The Book of Decorating, Domino magazine has put out a follow-up book: Domino – Your Guide […]

Have you gotten into a rut trying to come up with gifts for the holidays? Or, are you having difficulty answering the question when asked what YOU might like as a present? Let’s see if I can give you some ideas on the best Christmas gifts for the design-minded.  (They might not be things you […]

It’s time for a little honesty around here.  I am working like crazy, and my business is booming. That’s a good thing – I know. But my house is going to pot. The last few weeks, I have felt completely overwhelmed by just keeping things decent around here. Photo by Josephine Pugh via Environmental Graffiti