Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Dining Room Gray

While grays are uber-popular now, as a Paint Color Consultant I typically steer clients clear of gray for dining rooms.  Here’s the reason:  dining rooms are typically full of wood furnishings. Neutral grays don’t work well as a backdrop for wood tones – the space goes dead, in my opinion.

Screen shot 2013 10 22 at 6.39.40 PM Why You Shouldnt Paint Your Dining Room Gray source


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How to Make Your Lonely Walls Happy

What do you do when your dining room looks forlorn and empty, and it’s making you crazy -depressed?

DSC 1788 How to Make Your Lonely Walls Happy


No, I’m not suggesting that you pour yourself a stiff drink.  Put down the bottle and pick up the hammer!  I spent yesterday hanging art and plates in my client’s dining room, and it made such a difference.   [Read more…]

America’s Favorite Paint Colors

Have you noticed lately that all the big shelter magazines are flooded with content about COLOR?  Specifically, PAINT COLOR.  The latest issue of House Beautiful featured a survey that asked thousands of readers and several hundred interior designers and design bloggers about their favorite (and least favorite) paint colors.

MG 2131 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

Photo by Matt Barker for The Decorologist


America’s top 2 favorites by far are:  #1 BLUE

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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And #2 was GREEN.

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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RED and PURPLE tied at a distant third.  77% of readers either just completed a painting project or were planning on painting in the next 6 months.
 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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In the southeast, ORANGE is a polarizing color.  It was voted as a hot color, but it’s also the color most people are “so over.”  You think FOOTBALL has anything to do with this???

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors  via Pinterest



YELLOW barely edged out WHITE as the favorite color for kitchens.

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors House Beautiful via Pintere


BLUE won big-time for the favorite color for bedrooms.

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The #1 choice for dining rooms?  GREEN.  RED came in #2.

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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And the hot choices for living rooms?  WHITE, BEIGE, and GRAY.

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors  Better Homes & Gardens via Pinterest


As a Nashville Color Consultant, I find that age also affects paint color preferences.  House Beautiful found that to be true, as well.  If you are under 45, you may be more partial to GRAY and BLUE and prefer WHITE kitchens.  They found that the color in this demographic most considered “not hot” is RED.
 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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If you are over 45, you may be leary of GRAY and PINK.  This demographic prefers yellow kitchens, and likes GREEN, ORANGE, and RED a bit more than the younger crowd.
 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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Which colors are currently on the design bloggers’ radar as the next “hot” paint color?  GREEN came in first place, with PURPLE in close second.

 Americas Favorite Paint Colors

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What’s your favorite paint color?  Do your choices line up with this survey, or no?

What To Hang Over Oddly-Shaped Furniture

Have you ever had this problem?  You have a piece of furniture or headboard or something in your home that needs “something” over it, but you have no idea what to hang on the wall above it?

DSC 4445 What To Hang Over Oddly Shaped Furniture

Beautiful View from the Front of  My Client’s Home


This was the dilemma in my client’s home.  Here is the dining room in it’s “before” state – it has lovely tall ceilings and a beautiful hutch to the right.   The space above it looks a bit bare, but what to hang there????

DSC 1891 What To Hang Over Oddly Shaped Furniture

Dining Room Before The Decorologist


Following the lines of the furniture always works for me.  Creating a vignette with much-loved china on the wall that mimics the lines of the furniture made for an interesting and unique solution for this design dilemma.  Oh, and we changed the wall color so that the wood tones would have a richer backdrop (if you have lots of wood in one room, most of the time yellow is not the best choice to paint your walls).

DSC 4421 What To Hang Over Oddly Shaped Furniture

Dining Room After


Here’s another shot to show better show you the effect the plate grouping makes with this beautiful hutch.

DSC 4429 What To Hang Over Oddly Shaped Furniture

Blue and White Plate Grouping


Unusually-shaped furniture often call for unique accessorizing solutions.  Have you ever had to accessorize around an oddly-shaped piece of furniture?


Historic Home Tour Highlights

I’m a big fan of historic home tours.  Here in Nashville, there are about a dozen annual tours of historic neighborhoods.  I hit as many as I can.  My current favorite is a tour of a high-end historic neighborhood off West End Avenue.  Recently, my daughter and I spent a Saturday appreciating the architecture and soaking up decorating inspiration. 16 300x212 Historic Home Tour Highlights

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