How a Subtle Paint Color Difference Can Make All the Difference

When people hire me to do a paint color consultation for their home, they are typically looking for very different colors than what they currently have.  Occasionally, I encounter a space with fixed elements that demand a certain color, but the room is painted a wrong version of that color.  
green paint colors
Some people (including me) are more sensitive to subtle color differences than most – so I’m not sure how many of you will pick up on the difference here.  But here we go.   Here is the email I got from my client last week:

Light and Happy Living Room Reveal

I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?  I change up my furniture, art, and accessory arrangement in my living room at least every six months or so.  I like things to stay fresh, which means tweaking from time to time. Or you could just call it a serial furniture rearranging disorder. Whatever. This is my living room right now:

mint green living room

  [Read more…]

Sherwin-Williams 2013 Color of the Year

Sherwin-Williams has really been ramping things up this year, appealing more to designers, bloggers, and homeowners alike.  Most recently, they acquired the largest paint company in Mexico.  They really seem to be taking over the world of paint.  Yesterday they announced their 2013 Color of the Year, Aloe 6464:


It’s very similar to Pantone’s Grayed Jade, which showed up in Pantone’s top 4 Fashion Colors for 2013. [Read more…]

How to Create a Color Palette for your Home

There are several different ways to go about choosing a color palette for your home, but I find many people need help figuring out how to incorporate varying colors and still get “flow.”


Flow just refers to how the colors transition as you walk from room to room, without seeming jarring or surprising (in a bad way).  Some people who want their rooms to flow get overwhelmed and just pick a neutral and paint all the rooms the same color.


Tsk, tsk.  You can be more creative than that!  Here is my formula for creating a color palette that provides both variation and a pleasing flow of color: [Read more…]

Waiting for a Winner in the Green Room

Finally, a few gorgeous Spring days here in Nashville in a row!  To celebrate Spring and St. Patrick’s Day, I want to share a few fun green rooms I found in House Beautiful.  I ADORE this pea green kitchen – what a fun way to wallpaper a ceiling!

House Beautiful



This sunroom is basking in green, ala Dorothy Draper.  Vive la Spring!

House Beautiful



By the way, did you know Benjamin Moore has 600 different greens in their palette?  Which one to pick?  You’re in luck (of the Irish) because The Decorologist is a Benjamin Moore Color Expert!  Contact me if you need help choosing the perfect hues for your home!




Tune in tomorrow to find out which lucky reader wins my Virtual Design for any room of their home!