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You’ve heard you should always practice what you preach, right? Well, I’m always preaching about checking your paint color match at the store to make sure your color is dead-on right.   Well, I found two little side tables at a yard sale that I wanted to re-do for my younger daughter’s room makeover.  They […]

I’m not going to state the obvious – you already know of  lots of things you can spruce up with a can of spray paint.  But here are some things you may not have known about: 1.  Curtains and Upholstery!  I know it’s hard to believe, but you can coat them with a product like Simply Spray’s […]

Here they are.  All the secrets to hanging your artwork so that you will not be mocked for hanging it poorly: Match frame shape to wall shape.  Hang a vertical piece of art when you have a vertical sliver of wall.  Hang a horizontal piece of art or a horizontal grouping on a wall that […]