Tack Boards

My latest bargain was found at my local Goodwill store.  Just stopped in to find a gray belt, which I found.  I always go through the leaning stack of framed art in the back.  I found not one, but two bamboo tack boards with white frames.  They looked so cool, I thought at first they were just framed bamboo.  Then I realized someone had made them to be tack boards.  They totally look like they are right out of a Ballard Designs catalog! Bargain Tack Boards

Tack Board #2I’m going to start part-time homeschooling (yes, you can do that) with my oldest daughter this fall, so I knew these would work great in our new study.  This room was previously our nursery, and now will function as my design office and Audrey’s schoolroom.  I envision using one to post special assignments or studydates.   The other might be where I pin my daughter’s latest piece of artwork.

But you know what?  There’s other ways to use these.  Since there are two, they’d work great as a pair of everchanging art displays.  Simply cut out colorful scrapbook papers or old wallpaper samples and tack them in the middle.  They’d be great in a child’s room.  Change them out when you want a different look.  Changeable Art Tack Board

Idea BoardOr, I could use them as mini-inspiration boards to pin fabrics, color swatches, decor ideas, and pics when working on a room for a client!

What’s the best thing about these?  They were only $2.99 a piece.  And they’re recycled.  And the money went to a good cause.  And they make me happy!  Go, Goodwill!


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Jennifer Blake
Jennifer Blake
11 years ago

Oh, I love going through the framed art at thrift stores. I see so many great things. I often think of you when I am there and wonder if you might like and could use some of them. I absolutely have no place to put them all in my house. You must have so much fun decorating other peoples houses with your great finds!

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