Decorating with Candy

I love it when people decorate with unexpected items.  Candy can be a fun medium to create beautiful Christmas decor.  If you can just keep from eating it. Christmas Candy in Jars via digsdigs

candy in jars via camilla.typepad You can use any kind of glass container – I would highly recommend a lid.  Aren’t these ribbons and tags a clever touch?

These were created for a wedding, but I think they’d work great for a Christmas display.  Maybe on the sideboard in a dining room?  The colored ribbons make it extra special and tie it in with the color palette of your choosing. Candy Jars via dcnearlyweds

christmas candy displayed via southernhospitalityblog
What child wouldn’t want to hang out in this kitchen for awhile (or adult, for that matter)?

This display on a dining table was set up for Valentine decorating, but I think it’d be great for Christmas as well.

Candy Jars via flickr

Why not get a little crafty with candy?  Start with a large glass bowl and set a thinner water-filled vase in the middle.  Fill the large glass bowl with peppermints so that the vase is surrounded and obscured from sight.  Fill the vase with white carnations.  Mount an apple on a skewer and stick down the middle.  It’s a Carnation Cupcake!  Or maybe it’s a Carnation Sundae . . . Christmas Candy Carnations by Sandra Olando

peppermint trees via curbly You could make these candy trees with your children by mounting a triangular form to a pillar candleholder and gluing on peppermints or other goodies.

Create your own gumdrop wreath.  Who knew gumdrops could look so elegant?  You might want to hang this wreath inside, or you might find your front door stratched up by various woodland critters.  Or covered in bird droppings. a98313_1200_gumdropwreath_xl

Photo Credits:  DigsDigs, Camilla, Southern Hospitality, Flickr, Curbly, Martha Stewart.

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Dianne Tant
Dianne Tant
10 years ago

very cute

10 years ago

so cute. thanks for this. great. great idea! i love that carnation as a cupcake idea.

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