Inspiration from Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie.   I guess it’s the vintage-hip-bohemian vibe that draws me in.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I buy anything there except for the occasional little decor trinket.  The clothes are way too expensive for me, but I get so much decor and fashion inspiration by just perusing that store.  We’ll just focus on the decor inspiration for today, particularly in regards to Christmas styling. anthropologie gift

I do have to say that I don’t really like their catalog.   If you get it in the mail, I’d really like your opinion of it.  I realize they are trying to be arty and avant garde, but it just isn’t a very helpful catalog.  But the store . . . it’s like a wonderland of ideas.

Merry Christmas garland from Anthropologie

Is that vintage wallpaper snippets in the back of the handmade fireplace box and in the back of the shelf niche?   Why, I think it is! Christmas at Anthropologie

You could totally make your own version of these candles-in-teacups with vintage teacups or mugs and some crafty wax candle kit from Michaels.  Great teacher gifts for Christmas!  These from Anthropologie are around $10 a piece.

candles in teacups

Anthropologie tea towels These tea towels are $18 and can be used in the kitchen, of course, but why not use them in the guest bathroom?

Just look at the details – the embroidery, the color combinations, the textures, the trim!  I could base an entire child’s bedroom scheme around one of these beauties. Anthropologie tea towel details

snowy books from Anthropologie I fell in LOVE with this snowy vignette in the Green Hills Anthropologie store.  After snapping these pics, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The next day, I decided I’d try to apply the inspiration to my own holiday decor.

Anthropologie sells the old-fashioned sparkly snow for $10 a box.   Love the retro graphics on the box, but I really didn’t want to spend $10 on fake snow. Anthropologie Snow - $10

Among my Christmas decor that I wasn’t currently using I found a bag of sparkling snow that I had bought at Big Lots for about a dollar several years ago.  Perfect!  I gathered some large vintage children’s storybooks, a pink retro Christmas tree, and small fake mini- trees and started to create my own vignette on the top of a piece of furniture in my dining room.   I decided to forgo the globes – I’m not a COMPLETE copycat!

snow-covered books by kristie barnett

I think the trick is sprinkling the snow from above so that it lays on the tops of your landscape:  the tree limbs, the tops of the books, in the glasses – and then letting it pile up all around your items, like real snow does.

glittery shoes and snowsnow covered deer

Snow covered books vignette by kristie barnett

I’ll take inspiration wherever I can get it.  How about you?

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IKEA votive holders



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10 years ago

I love the snow…may be the only snow we see here for awhile!
Anthropologie is a dangerous and wonderful place 🙂


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Jennifer Taylor
10 years ago

When I am rich I will shop only at Anthropologie and antique stores 🙂

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