Unexpected Christmas Tree Skirts

 Kristie Barnett's Pink Christmas Tree and Ruffled Skirt Last year after Christmas, I found this beautiful blue ruffled tree skirt on clearance at HomeGoods.  I liked it so much, I couldn’t wait all year to use it.  I actually used it as a regular tablecloth on a small table and topped it with a large round tray to cover the big circular opening in the middle.  Now it encircles my small pink Christmas tree.  Using it in an unexpected way throughout the year got me thinking:  if I could use a Christmas tree skirt for some other purpose than encircling a Christmas tree, what other things might I use as a Christmas tree skirt?  Hmmmmm . . .


The resourceful folks at Real Simple took several simple scarves and wrapped them around the base of the tree to create this fresh and playful Christmas tree skirt.  Love it! scarf tree skirt from RealSimple

plaid tree skirt christmas idea from country living This photo from Country Living demonstrates how you can take a skirt you wear – this plaid one is perfect! – and use it as a tree skirt.

Talk about creative.  Check out this Christmas tree skirt made from neckties.  Necktie tree skirt from Daddy's Ties by Shirley Botsford

tree skirt from larozaimports.com recycled juice boxes This little number from Laroza Imports is made from recycled juice boxes!

You could gather up triangular fabric scraps to create your own tree skirt creation, like the one here from Noodleheads. tree skirt from noodlehead

So, now I’m thinking . . . I’ve got this cool collection of vintage aprons that don’t get used nearly enough . . . tah dah!  Vintage apron Christmas tree skirt!

Vintage Apron Christmas Tree Skirt

Now you know I’m all about repurposing and thinking outside the box, but I beg you, don’t get excited and decide to WEAR a Christmas tree skirt as a cape like this misguided lady.  I BEG YOU.  lady wearing tree skirt from annalenaland



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