So Much Decorating, So Little Time!

How are you guys doing this week?  I’ve been go-go-going like crazy lately, so I thought I’d catch you up on some fun stuff in decorology land!  I sometimes forget that the tidbits I share on my Facebook page never get to my readers on the blog.  Maybe you need to be following me on Facebook here!   Over the weekend, my “Front Porch Makeover” was featured in a 1 1/2 page spread in The Tennessean.

the decorologist

 The Decorologist’s Front Porch Makeover!


 Good thing my kids were in the East Tennessee mountains running from bears and bungee jumping (who has grandparents that cool???) so that I could focus on making over a front porch in record time and 105 degree weather (yes, after 2 hours of styling a porch in the boiling heat I posed for a photo that ended up in the Style section of The Tennessean).  

My firstborn and my neice about to take the plunge


In spite of my being a hot mess (literally), the fabulous Shopping Diva, Cathi Aycock, made my week by telling me she had a total girl-crush on me.  That’s a compliment I’ll take!

The Tennessean’s Shopping Diva, Cathi Aycock


Last Tuesday evening, I spent the evening with about 30 of my newest friends to share 2 hours chocked-full of color advice at my first “How to Choose Just the Right Paint Color” class at Kirkland’s Floor to Ceiling here in the Greater Nashville area.  

  benjamin moore color class

The Decorologist’s Color Class – photo by Matt Barker


I had sooo much fun and am pretty sure my students did, too!  I hope to do another class like this sometime in the fall.


Benjamin Moore Color Class presented at Kirkland’s Floor to Ceiling – photo by Matt Barker


As you may know, I’ve been writing for the premier design and remodeling website,, for the last  couple of months.   Check out my latest article on how to create an awesome hallway with pattern here.


In addition to all these exciting things, I have continued to meet with both new and ongoing clients working up new color palettes for their homes, better furniture and art arrangements, and shopping for just the right items to finish out their design plans.  Of course, I hope to share some of those results with you here soon.  I’m totally exhausted just thinking about the last couple of weeks.  Maybe I need a vacation???


  1. Linda

    I think I need a vacation just from reading this! So happy to hear how great you are doing Kristie..there is no stopping you. Congratulations my virtual friend.

  2. daniel tomlinson

    Are men allowed to come to the fall color class? I’m a happily married man, so I’m not trying to pick up any chicks, and being a domestic god in the cleaning industry I’m constantly inspired by Nashville’s decorators and designers. I want to know how the best decorologist goes about choosing her colors. Thank you.

  3. Michelle L.

    So proud of you, Kristie! You are rockin’ and rollin’, girl! Hope I can come to your next color class.

  4. Dana Tucker

    I’m so proud of you!! You are a design Rock Star!! You go girl!

  5. marianne talhelm

    Kristi … would love to know a close color match to the front door in your porch makeover … it says that you custom created the color … is there a color out that that comes close to the door without mixing colors? I love it!

  6. Jean Molesworth Kee

    That porch is just beautiful, Kristie! Congrats on the publicity! You rock.

  7. Hannah Dee

    You look pretty! Congrats on your your wonderful happenings!

  8. Kelly Berg

    Kristie – you are rockin’! Good job, girl. Hope you are having fun, too. 😉

  9. Joy Tepner

    How will we know when your next color class is? I’d love to come. Now go put your feet up, grab a cold drink, and get some much-needed rest!!! Great job!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you, Joy – I will post on the blog, probably ad nauseum, when I schedule the next class!

  10. cathy

    Said it before but I’ll say it again, I just love your blog – entertaining, helpful, real. Thanks Kristie!

  11. Kelly

    I had just been saying to myself how busy you seem to be and all the great publicity you have been getting lately. I know it is hard work- you deserve it all! So happy for you!! I always knew that you would go far girlfriend! xo

  12. Sabrina

    That colour class is such a good idea, I bet a lot of people really do need help when faced with the overwhelming choices paint stores offer. I’m from Antwerp, Belgium and just wanted to let you know that I and my friend love your blog. I’ve been living in white/grey apartments for years and thanks to your many colourful posts I finally had the guts to paint the rooms in the new house I bought light blue and yellow. It turned out lovely. 🙂

    • Kristie Barnett

      Thank you so much for writing – I’m so glad you took the chance on some paint color! Good for you 🙂

  13. Holly

    I bet your class was a hit! Congrats on being as busy as you are – and it sounds like you have a well deserved vacation waiting in the wings for you 🙂

  14. Carole Bay

    Kristie, what kind of paint did you use on the vinyl porch covering?


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