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Hanging Family Photos in an Open Stairwell

Last week I spent the morning hanging family photos in the open stairwell of a client’s home.   So many people have this issue in their own home:  a blank two-story stairwell that is completely open to the living room. open stairwell before   When you enter the front door, all the decorating action was on […]

How to Get Affordable Wall Art (plus Book Giveaways)

Do you want fabulous art for your walls, but can’t spend a fortune?  I have many clients who can’t seem to strike a balance – they don’t want to pay the high price for original art, yet they don’t want cookie-cutter art from the typical discount decor stores or popular online sources.  So their walls […]

How to Create Wall Art Groupings

I was putting together an art grouping for a client the other day.  She was blown away at how quickly I put it together and got it on the wall, with very few errant nail holes even!  She had been staring at her blank wall for four years and had been paralyzed with fear  to […]

Can A Log Cabin Be Updated?

A recent online e-design client requested help freshening up her log cabin up north somewhere  (I know, I know, I really should remember where).  After sending me lots of photos of her home, we spoke on the phone to discuss her issues, challenges, and desires for her home.   After two hours, we had a […]

Something To Talk About in the Loo

This modern little powder room was previously a vicious red – my client thinks it was called “Satan Red.”  I haven’t been able to find a paint named that, but  she swears that’s what it was named when it was painted a decade ago!  Well, now it’s painted a much friendlier Sherwin Williams’ Tupelo Tree. […]

What To Hang Over Oddly-Shaped Furniture

Have you ever had this problem?  You have a piece of furniture or headboard or something in your home that needs “something” over it, but you have no idea what to hang on the wall above it? Beautiful View from the Front of  My Client’s Home   This was the dilemma in my client’s home. […]

How to Hang Plates & Art Groupings

hanging plates

As an interior decorator in the Nashville area, one of my favorite things that I get to do for clients is to create art groupings on their walls.   They are usually amazed at how quickly I can come up with an arrangement and get them up on the wall.   Here’s how I do it:   first, […]

Walking Up Your Stairs Should Be a Happy Experience

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to be arranging some family photographs in an open stairwell of a client’s home.   That’s got me thinking about different ways to hang art on a staircase wall.     source

Do Your Walls Make You Happy?

Well, do they?  I think the things you hang on your wall should make you happy.  They should reflect your interests and your tastes.  They should put a smile on your face when you walk in the room.