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How to Decorate with Collections at Christmas

It’s really starting to feel like Christmas now that some of my client projects are wrapping up and I can focus on some holiday cheer with my family and friends.  I thought you might like to look around at some of the holiday collections and special vignettes that make me happy as I sit here […]

Oh Christmas Theme, Oh Christmas Theme . . .

Do you have a theme for your Christmas tree?  Since many people have more than one tree for Christmas, I think more and more are choosing to “theme up” at least one of their trees.   What’s more natural than a bird-themed tree?   source  

Seasonal Styling – Handmade Gifts

  Not all of us are cut out for making our own Christmas gifts.  But some of us could make a few if they were simple and special, right? A vintage teacup candle is a heartfelt gift for a special friend or family member.  Candlemaking kits are available at stores like Michaels, or you could just […]

Christmas Candles

Who doesn’t love candles?  They’re calming, romantic, and natural.  And everyone looks better by candlelight!  Today I wanted to share some creative ideas for displaying candles during the Christmas season. Fill your firebox with winter greens, galvanized buckets and paint cans, pinecones, and candles.  Then sprinkle on some faux snow.  Winter wonderland!

Inspiration from Anthropologie

I love Anthropologie.   I guess it’s the vintage-hip-bohemian vibe that draws me in.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not like I buy anything there except for the occasional little decor trinket.  The clothes are way too expensive for me, but I get so much decor and fashion inspiration by just perusing that store.  We’ll […]