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What Every Woman Wants (LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEA)

Don’t think I don’t know you. If you read this blog, I have little doubt that you’d love to have this under the Christmas tree this year: Five years after the publication of everyone’s FAVORITE decorating book, Domino – The Book of Decorating, Domino magazine has put out a follow-up book: Domino – Your Guide […]

The Best Christmas Gifts You’ve Never Considered

Have you gotten into a rut trying to come up with gifts for the holidays? Or, are you having difficulty answering the question when asked what YOU might like as a present? Let’s see if I can give you some ideas on the best Christmas gifts for the design-minded.  (They might not be things you […]

Why You Just Might Need a Robot,Too

It’s time for a little honesty around here.  I am working like crazy, and my business is booming. That’s a good thing – I know. But my house is going to pot. The last few weeks, I have felt completely overwhelmed by just keeping things decent around here. Photo by Josephine Pugh via Environmental Graffiti 

The Decorologist’s Top Christmas Gifts

Well, the Christmas countdown is on.  I’m sharing my short list of gifts to give this Christmas, or maybe to put on your own wish list.  Just click on the links provided for more information.   Photo by Monica Buck   There are so many decorating and design books out there that are just full […]

Cheap & Easy “Gourmet” Valentine Gifts

I don’t have time to make homemade confections for Valentine’s Day, do you?  And I’m not very good at baking anyway!  So I’ve found a few ideas for easy and inexpensive gifts that will make the recipient feel special and make you look like you went to a lot of trouble.  Even though you didn’t.     Go […]

Floral Thermos

  The other day I was scoping one of my favorite retail stores, Home Goods (TJ Maxx on steroids).  I found these fab metal thermoses.  What a great spring gift for a friend – for those picnics we are already imagining in a sun-drenched park or for a scenic drive through the country with the top […]

Easy Valentine’s Gifts

  This Valentine’s Day, why not take a really predictable gift (chocolate) and make it really special?  Buy regular packaged chocolates or other sweet treats and remove the plastic overcovering.  Take off the cover/top and do a little giftwrap job on it.  Or take strips of pretty paper and tape them around the package with double-sided tape.  […]