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The Decorologist Forecasts 2012 Fall Color Trends for Home Decor

For many years fashion has been a step ahead of home decor in regards to trends and colors.  The big trends you see in fashion one year have often trickled down to the home decor market the following year.  Over the last couple of years, the gap has been closing.  Decor is now fast on […]

Nashville Interior Decorator Weighs In: What’s “Out” in Design Trends

In my last post, I wrote about a recent Elle Decor article where high-end designers were deeming certain decor trends to be “so out.”   I obviously disagreed with them and (judging from the unprecedented amount of responses from you guys) so did you!  Several of you wanted to know what’s on the The Decorologist’s list […]

Don’t Be Fooled – Color is Relative

On vacation with my family, I saw this in a kids’ science museum and had to take a photo to share with my readers. photographed at WonderWorks museum   This is a perfect example of why a color you love in someone else’s space may not work as well in your space.  Your color will look […]

Throwing Caution (and Your Home’s Floorplan) to the Wind

I typically begin Design Consultations by walking through the home and talking with my clients about how they use their space and how it functions for their family.  And more times than not, I find that people let their home’s floorplan dictate how they live in it.  Even when it really isn’t working for them!  […]

Walking Up Your Stairs Should Be a Happy Experience

Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to be arranging some family photographs in an open stairwell of a client’s home.   That’s got me thinking about different ways to hang art on a staircase wall.     source