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The Color Learning Curve and Making the National News

nashville color specialist

As a professional paint color consultant, I’m always learning more and more about color – either through experience or training.  About a week ago, I finished up some color training that focused on Sherwin-Williams paint colors and passed the certification test with a big fat A!!!    

Set the Mood for Valentines by Decorating

Today I'm sharing the article I wrote for The Tennessean Style Section, which appeared in last Saturday's edition.  You can typically me in The Tennessean a couple of times a month. The Tennessean Style Section  

The Decorologist Forecasts 2012 Fall Color Trends for Home Decor

For many years fashion has been a step ahead of home decor in regards to trends and colors.  The big trends you see in fashion one year have often trickled down to the home decor market the following year.  Over the last couple of years, the gap has been closing.  Decor is now fast on […]

Nashville Stager Explains How You May Need to Spend Money to Make Money

No one wants to spend money on the home they are getting ready to sell, but it can be crucial if you want to sell the house quickly and for the price you want.  Beyond basic  decluttering and cleaning, there are areas where you may need to spend a little cash in order to get your […]

Do You Believe That Decorating is Newsworthy?

I certainly hope so!  I have a new feature in the revamped Living section of The Tennessean that debuted last Saturday.  My first article is about my personal take on men and decorating:  Do they really care? Getty Images/Polka Dot RF Please go check it out and see if you agree!  If you want to […]