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Modifying Furniture

You guys know I like to think outside the box when it comes to decorating, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need to do to make a piece of furniture more functional (and cute, of course).  This is a table I’ve had for 20 years – I’ve been told it’s about 100 years old, but […]

Organization Can Be A Beautiful Thing

I am really good at making the surface of my home look lovely, but there's a lot that lies beneath the surface.  A lot of stuff.  Lovely things I have collected over the years and not-so-lovely things that I have no place or use for.  This time of year gets me thinking that I need to be even more mindful […]

Even a Compulsive Collector Can Be Organized

  I began working with a professional organizer yesterday because my life seemed to be teetering on the edge of disarray!   I am really good at making the surface of my home look lovely, but there’s a lot that lies beneath the surface . . . You have no idea what all is in those drawers . […]

Sick and Tired of “Green”

I’m sorry, but sometimes I get SICK of people using terms like “green” and “recycled” in an effort to advertise their products and services.   Most of the time, it’s a flimsy front for self-promotion and an effort to jump on the newest (and best-selling) bandwagon. The other night on TED tv, my husband and I stumbled […]