Sick and Tired of “Green”

I’m sorry, but sometimes I get SICK of people using terms like “green” and “recycled” in an effort to advertise their products and services.   Most of the time, it’s a flimsy front for self-promotion and an effort to jump on the newest (and best-selling) bandwagon.

The other night on TED tv, my husband and I stumbled upon this guy, Dan Phillips.  I was transfixed as he spoke about how he creatively builds incredibly unique homes from completely used and discarded materials.   He explains how waste is a huge issue in the building industry and why:  because of our need for “perfection,” so many “imperfect” materials are discarded and replaced.   Dan Phillips doesn’t talk about carbon footprints and all the green mumbo-jumbo.  He doesn’t destroy old buildings and then turn around and build “green” ones in their place.   He doesn’t suggest you throw out all the old to replace it with “energy-efficient” alternatives.  He doesn’t use new material made of partially recycled old material that didn’t really need to be recycled in the first place.  Dan Phillips uses discarded, used, and neglected treasure and is able to transform it into a work of art with sheer willpower, practicality, and creativity.   Dude is a genius.   Now THAT’s a movement I can get behind.


  1. Naturally Carol

    Hi Kristie…I fully agree…people who find good uses for stuff that is already around and use it beautifully are the best. Originally I think that is what patchwork quilts were about too…making something beautiful out of all those little pieces of fabric left over from bigger projects or even using old fabric items and making them into something useful and beautiful. So even that is not a new idea but definitely a great one!

    • Kristie Barnett

      Great thought about patchwork quilts – I really believe creativity can flourish out of necessity. I’ve always said that I’m nothing if not resourceful!

  2. Terry

    I am so with you Kristie… when someone says Green… we ought to ask… is it commercialized Green… or recycled Green. Pardon if I misunderstood what Green was really about. And it definitely isn’t about running out to buy the more expensive Green products out there. I could go on and on as I have in private… but I won’t. Nice shout-out to quilters. Our Grandmothers had it right, they took old clothes and fabrics and recycled them into something beautiful and useful. Thanks for sharing your Green angst with us. Loved it and Ted TV.


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