The Art of Towel Folding & the Karate-Chopped Pillow

For our anniversary, Mr. Man and I stayed at the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville.  It’s where we stayed on our wedding night fifteen years ago.  The Hermitage Hotel is the only 5-star hotel in Nashville and was built over one hundred years ago in the Beaux Arts style.


The Hermitage Hotel,  Nashville


This hotel has a rich and storied history in the city of Nashville.

Steeped in History


Besides the obvious grandeur and historical significance, the thing I noticed most was the attention to detail.

The Hermitage Hotel Lobby


Can you imagine anyone building something today with this much detail?  Of course you can’t, because no one does!

Beaux Arts Ceiling in the Hermitage Hotel Lobby


I’m not just talking architecture – I’m talking about attention to detail that is all about hospitality.  For goodness sakes, we had the choice of 3 kinds of pillows!

Pillow Selection


As a Nashville home stager, I can really appreciate the time and effort that went into this kind of towel folding.


The Fine Art of Towel Folding


However, I did NOT care for the karate-chopped pillows – please do not try this at home!  It hurts the pillows, ouch.

Somebody has their blackbelt in karate . . .


Now, this one I don’t quite understand – a linen napkin was placed on the carpet on either side of the bed when they came and did a quite elaborate “turn down” of the bed.  I suppose it’s a nice transition for your feet from the bed linens to the carpet???  Wouldn’t want to shock my sensitive feet . . .

Things that make you go “hmmmm” . . .


I think attention to detail is what separates the average, everyday experience from something that is very special.  It’s what hospitality is all about. 


Paying attention to detail in our homes reflects that we really care about making our surroundings special and elevates the mundane into something that blesses those who take the time to notice.  What can you do today to make your corner of the world a little more special?

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Michelle Lynne

Great points and observations…and I’m with ya on the “karate chopped” pillows! 🙂

Jen C.
Jen C.

don’t leave us hangin’…which pillow did you choose? please say “buckwheat”!!!


Oh! did you make me laugh, I don’t usually laugh easy but the pillow story is quite something!!!
Then for the white towel, I would think that is because of the carpet being so old, they don’t want you to step on it.
It’s actually the reason why I carry my sleepers when ever I go to any Hotel!
Anyway you’re funny and I love it
Thank’s… you made my day…xox


did they really have the Hermitage logo swirled in cream in that cup of coffee? that’s detail!

Naturally Carol

Looks like you had a luxurious time there..about the cushions though..I think it may be perceived by some as the latest way to display cushions ..the karate chop I mean..’cos I have seen them displayed this way on quite a few design blogs and in fancy pants homes lately!

Dianne Tant
Dianne Tant

sonia is right about the carpet… people do not want to be barefoot on old carpeting. they have their shoes right by the bed….

Donna Frasca

I don’t even think Ralph Macchio would do that to a pillow – besides, in reference to detail, isn’t it best to accessorize in odd numbers? I only see two pillows and they look hurt and lonely. I would also love if they were a little bit larger. Great post!


I usually read your blogs at work during my lunch hour. I have to tell you I almost choked from laughing at the karate chop pillows comment. Great post!

Karina Aguon
Karina Aguon

Hey Kristie, my friends hubby is the General Manager of the Hermitage hotel and I asked him last night the reason for the “napkin” on the floor on either side of the bed. He said that is there so when you remove your slippers you can step on the fabric and not touch the carpet as you climb into bed. Yes, quite an attention to detail!


Yikes! What’s on the carpet that they don’t want you touching it with your bare feet?

Things that make you go “Huh?” . . .