Transformed by Color

Color has a tremendous impact on memory and first impressions. It can expand or contract space, as well as draw you across rooms and into adjoining ones. Establishing purposeful color design throughout a home creates a sense of cohesion, while giving every space its own personality.

A little paint goes a long way, but even someone who loves color can find it difficult to choose which hues to paint one’s walls and furnishings.  There are SO many choices, right???

Benjamin Moore Seattle Mist for Ballard Designs

I had a great paint color consultation with a client yesterday . She knew the “look” she wanted but wasn’t sure how to make it happen.  After 2 hours and a brand new palette for one floor on her home, she is fearless and excited to watch the transformation that color can create.

Benjamin Moore Palisades Park by Ballard Designs

I’ve been doing paint color selection for staging and design clients for many years now, and it is still just as exciting to see the results of a new paint color palette as it was when I first began offering this service. There is really nothing else that can dramatically change the look of a home more than the right paint colors, and I’ve spent my career honing and perfecting my skills in using paint to make my clients’ homes a happier place to live in.

You can become a certified paint color consultant, too! I train and mentor hundreds of designers, decorators, and home stagers across the country through my online color course. I can teach you how to:

1. Understand hue families and undertones

2. Sample and test the right paint colors

3. Avoid mistakes in paint color and paint color placement

4. Expand any space with the right color and color placement

5. Increase the perceived value of any interior

6. Master my Perfect Paint Palette™ kit

7. Create harmonious interior color palettes

8. Code fan decks with Decorologist-approved colors

9. Rock your paint color consultations

10. Easily price and market your services


You can find out more about my innovative system for creating custom color palettes for any home’s interior here.

Paint color training by the Decorologist



  1. Chelle

    Love love love that kitchen set and color. It looks clean and happy!

  2. Charlene

    It is beautiful! What paint color would you use to recreate the feel of those chairs?

    • Barbara Rivard f

      I love the blue I would like to know the brand

    • Barbara Rivard

      I love the blue I would like to know the brand

  3. Kay

    What is that beautiful color blue on the dining room chairs?

    • MaryAnn

      I love those chairs too. I can’t seem to find a source for them anywhere. Any ideas?

  4. Rebecca

    What color and brand are these chairs and the sideboard please? They are lovely!

  5. Claud

    What color did you use for the table and chairs? Is that chalk paint you used?

    • Yolanda

      También quiero saber clase de pintura y color de la mesa y sillas

  6. BettyAnn Marrone

    What paint did you use on the chairs?

    • Eileen Riordan

      Love the look. I was also wondering the color of the chairs.

  7. sally matthewa

    This dining set is from Stanley Furniture, and the room from a house that burned down in Oriental NC 😢

  8. Chris

    I really love this color but I find that most sources don’t tell you what that color is. Can someone out there tell me who makes this paint and what the color is?


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