Upcycled Cottage-Style Furniture

Good morning, lovely ladies (and charming gents, I’m sure)!  Today I’m sharing a few fun upcycling projects from Better Homes and Gardens.  This first one is a cottage-style medicine cabinet fashioned from an old dresser drawer.  Vintage wallpaper in the bottom of the drawer gives it whatever personality you want it to have.


Here is a standard, unfinished wood bookcase.  Most of us would stain it or paint it white and be done.


A spring rod, a little fabric, and vintage wallpaper make for a darling piece suitable for a dining or living room.


Ready to toss out an old pressboard entertainment center?  Maybe you should rethink that . . .


That very piece has been painted and repurposed as a cheery laundry center!  This could even work as a toy cabinet or bookcase in a child’s room.


Photo Credits:  Better Homes and Gardens.

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3 thoughts on “Upcycled Cottage-Style Furniture

  1. Kelly, The Brave New Home says:

    I’m all for upcycling! In fact, I’ve got a few numbers waiting for some upcycling right now. Thanks for the inspiration! Maybe they will be a weekend project!

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