Favorite 5 DIY Decor Trends of 2012

2013 is just on the horizon, full of promise and new inspiration.  If you read design blogs or hang out on Pinterest like I do, you probably know the hottest DIY trends from 2012.  These were 5 of my personal favorites, and I just happen to have Pinterest boards dedicated to each of them!        


Painted Furniture

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Paper PomPoms   

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Paint Chip Art

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 Black Interior Doors and Trim

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 Cupcake Liner Creations 

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So what do you suppose will be the hottest DIY decor trends in the New Year?   Which ones will you be happy to see go away with 2012?  Make sure you follow me on Pinterest!

pixel Favorite 5 DIY Decor Trends of 2012


  1. I agree with all of your choices! Especailly painted furniture. I think the painted furniture will continue strong since we are all looking to reduce, recycle, reuse!

  2. Ooh the black interior door photo is one of my favorite pins from this past year.  I did our french doors in black for the office and love them.  After wiping dirt off of white interior doors from 4 kids and 2 dogs, black interior doors are becoming a real possibility here.  Love all your picks, I think I've done them all!  :) Happy New Year to you Kristie, love your blog and look forward to more awesome stuff in 2013!

  3. What a great collection of trends. I enjoyed the beautiful eye candy.  Happy new year to one of my favorite bloggers!

    Warmly, Michelle
    Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

  4. Hi Kristie, I just found your site, and boy am I glad I did!  What a wealth of great ideas!  I hope to follow you more, and maybe even see an answer to my problem someday :). I have a floor to ceiling, wall to wall mirror in my living room.  (It was here when I moved in).  I can't stand it but it's out of my budget to remove it at the moment.  What can I do to it/with it to make it less garish?  I at first thought it would make the room look larger but it's already a huge room and really all the mirror does is reflect everything and make it look cluttered!  The mirror is actually in 3 panels with trim framing the sides and over the seams.  I think the room is too much of a "family room" for curtain panels, but I need help.  Hope to see some ideas here someday soon!!


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