She Kicked My Butt, But She’s a Nice Chick

If I badgered you to vote for my living room in Apartment Therapy’s 2013 Room for Color Contest, I am so very sorry.  But just so you know, I lost by ONE VOTE.  Yes, I lost by one vote to the fabulous Kelly from Eclectically Vintage.  Here’s her super-fun sunroom that kicked my living room’s bootie:



Turns out, there’s no one nicer I would have rather lost to!  The day after the decision came down, Kelly sent me a sweet email saying she wanted to feature my home on her blog.  So please go take a look at her fabulous blog and at the article in which my living room and home are featured.

I love Kelly’s blog because it’s extremely popular despite it’s difficult-to-spell name – I can relate!  Just kidding – her blog is amazing, and you should totally check it out.  She loves vintage homes, just like me.  Plus she was nice to me, even after kicking my hiney.


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7 years ago

She didn’t kick your butt, it was only ONE vote. It goes to show, that every vote matters in elections. Hats off to both of you for your beautiful work.

Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage

You’re pretty cool yourself! Now I want to visit Nashville and hang out with the cool chicks!

Thanks for sharing my sunroom!

7 years ago

Hey Kristie – I found your blog through Kelly’s and I LOVE it! J

7 years ago

You can’t get any closer than one vote! Wear that badge with pride! Missed you at the City Farmhouse Pop Up Barn Show. My friends and I really enjoyed it and found a few goodies that were in need of a good home. Also, met another Etsy retailer in person-so great connection time as well. And the weather-fantabulous! Nashville was very welcoming to these KY girls!

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