Beach House Paint Colors

I’ve been on vacation this week, spending most of my days sitting at the beach on the Gulf of Mexico.  And looking at all the bright beach houses in the beachfront neighborhood where we are staying in Seagrove Beach, Florida.  This is the beach house that we rented for the week:

beach house paint colors

Seagrove Beach, Florida 


I love how people seem to take more chances with the paint colors on beach homes, or any “second” home, for that matter.  Aren’t we all looking for something a little bit different than everyday when we vacation?  I love the dramatic, yet classic color combination on our house.

beach house color combination

Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Bottle Green + Calico + Pearly White 


As a Paint Color Consultant, clients often show me photos and ask for similar color combinations for their interiors or exteriors.  So on my last day of vacation, I thought I’d share some photos I took in our beachfront neighborhood and reveal some of the colors I see here.

yellow beach house

Sherwin-Williams Sunbeam Yellow SW0078



off-white beach house

Sherwin-Williams Nuance SW7049 + Alabaster



blue beach house

Sherwin-Williams Bathe Blue SW6771



beige beach house

Sherwin-Williams Ancestral Gold SW 6407



blue beach house


I favor houses with dark windows that really highlight the architecture.  The body of the one above is similar to Sherwin-Williams Resolute Blue SW6507, while the windows are Needlepoint Navy SW0032. Although these houses look nice, I always smile when I see beach houses in punchier colors and bolder color combinations. After this trip, I am really itching to create a custom palette for a fabulous beach house – inside and out.


beach house paint colors

via Pinterest


So tell us, what color would YOU paint your beach house?





  1. Melanie G

    I would do a salmon color or a turquoise for a beach house.

  2. Melissa McIlwain

    Kristie, I LOVE , love, love this palette you made above. It is also great for a house with a blue swimming pool in a warm climate. You can do this in my house.

  3. Cyndi


  4. Jennifer Driver

    We are on our last day of vacation as well. I have really enjoyed looking at the cute beach houses. I actually dreamed last night that we decided to paint our house turquoise! In the dream I wondered what is Kristie going to think about this?

  5. Susanne

    Seems like we are having the same lives right now. I also just got back from a week at the Florida Gulf coast. Miramar Beach is where I stayed which is right by Seagrove. A gorgeous place that I visit as much as possible. Decorating is always on my mind so I could not help but day dream about how I would pain the home if it were mine or mine to decorate. I must admit I kept going back to white. I do think it sounds kinda boring in words but if I had a home on the beach I would want the interior white so the ocean would be center stage. During my visit I went down scenic 30A and in one of the towns all the buildings and homes were white and it was like heaven against that emerald green ocean. So… after seeing that I wanted my dream home white as well on the exterior. Fingers crossed that one day I will be moving from Tennessee to the Florida Pan Handle. Until then I will continue to day dream………

    I love reading your blog!

  6. Cristina Mcvay

    Nice share. These building are really beautiful. Color combinations are great.

  7. Ashley

    Thank for sharing, Kristie Barnett ! Do you use paint spraye for your job ?

  8. vivarais jene

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful project! The jars are looking awesome.

  9. Maynard Pearson

    Love it, my wife and I are saving to get a beach house. We should be done in a few months, I am so excited!

  10. Carol M. Cummings

    Thanks for sharing your tips. You have a very beautiful house. Buying a beach house is my dream.

  11. Adria T. Holland

    Wow! Sherwin-Williams Sunbeam Yellow SW0078, i love it. Color combinations are wonderful

  12. Mary

    Thanks for sharing !
    You have a very beautiful house

  13. Sarah68

    Great creativity, thank you for sharing, wish you success!

  14. Jessica

    The house is beautiful! I really like it!

  15. Amy Frye

    Kristie ,
    You have a very beautiful house. Do you use paint spraye for your job?

  16. Clay

    Seems like beach colors are mostly a neutral style that doesn’t overpower the senses. I like the all the colors of the homes you show here.


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