My 5 Favorite Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

You may not believe this about me, but I really do like to keep things simple whenever possible.  That’s why I like fresh decorating ideas for fall decorating that don’t require master carving skills or advanced crafting experience.  Here are my 5 favorite ideas for decorating pumpkins this fall:


1.  Painting patterns like chevrons and the “dipped” look.

painted pumpkins

via Pinterest


2. Decoupaging pumpkins with book pages, wrapping paper, or printed napkins.

decoupaged pumpkins

 via Pinterest



3. Decoupaging pumpkins with leaves.

decoupaged leaves pumpkin

via Pinterest 



4. Drawing on pumpkins with a Sharpie.

sharpie pumpkins

via Pinterest 



5.  Spray-painting with metallics plus decoupage.




I’m trying desperately to get into the season, but it’s not easy to come home from a beach vacation with a killer tan and have to cover it up with sweaters and long pants!  But alas, I’ve got to gear up for a fall party for my daughter’s 8th grade class this weekend, and I need to get working on some pumpkins.  Do you have any other favorite (and easy) pumpkin decorating ideas?

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I love all these ideas, especially the decoupaging. Now I just need to make the time to implement it.


LOVING the decoupaged leaves and the sharpie ones are super cute, too.


What? No seed-vomiting angry pumpkin?

Love these. I recently moved to Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow, so the pressure’s on. I never lived in a themed town before, let alone one where the theme is “headlessness”, so this is such a great post to find in my inbox!


I saw some cute pumpkins at the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Barn Sale that used metallic thumb tacks to create a “monogram” – sort of like this one – . You could spell out “Trick or Treat,” put on your house number or do a design (might work for the chevron idea) with carefully chosen push pins. Cute and super easy! (At least I’m hoping so, because that’s what we are going to try to do with at least one of the pumpkins this year.)

Karen Hattan
Karen Hattan

Another idea I’ve seen is to take black patterned stockings, & stretch them around your pumpkins, cutting them to fit obviously. They look cool over white pumpkins especially.


Great ideas! I love the decoupaging pumpkins with leaves. Different and pretty!