This Just Makes Me Happy

I literally gasped with joy when I saw this photo.

via The Painted Room


There’s really nothing else to say.  Happy Wednesday – You are all treasures to me!

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13 thoughts on “This Just Makes Me Happy

  1. Heather says:

    yep. me too! i saw this yesterday too and started imagining ripping sheet rock down so i could have painted spindles. then began brainstorming other things i could try this effect on! someday when i rip up the carpet on my stairs I will paint those something fun. thanks for the inspiration, tastemaker!

  2. jasmine says:

    I saw something really similar to this in a recent martha stewart but can’t find the photo. do you remember it? the hand rail was white and came to a very clean and simple curve at the bottom. The rails were painted in varying shades of blues and greens. Any chance you have that scanned or know of a link online?

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