IKEA Has Gone Gray – And That’s a Good Thing

I’ve been ordering furniture for a client over the last week from IKEA, so I was really excited to see that they have added another option to their black, white, or birch furniture finishes.  IKEA’s finally gone gray!  Actually, gray-brown.   I hope this is the final evidence if you need confirmation that gray-brown is the new expresso brown.



Hemnes Dresser from IKEA


The gray-brown finish is available only on selected IKEA furniture, and they can barely keep them in stock right now.  I found gray options in the Hemnes, Isala, and Lack series. 

 IKEA Hemnes Bookcase in Gray-Brown



Yes, our humble little hard-working Lack table now comes in gray high-gloss!

Lack Side Table in Gray Gloss


IKEA Isala Coffee Table in Gray



And I do love this fabulous gray rug!

IKEA Gislev Rug in Gray


All the same wood finishes in a room is worn and passe, so feel free to mix a few gray pieces in with your black finishes.  Or gray-brown pieces in with your dark brown or black pieces.  Thanks for evolving, IKEA!


  1. YES!!!!!!!!

  2. hooray!

  3. Patti Hutchinson says:

    LOVE!! So happy they did this. I need a few need pieces and these will work perfectly!!

  4. I have the Gislev Rug!!! It’s on my floor as we speak! :)

  5. Gotta love IKEA! I bought two of the gray-brown glass door Hemnes bookcases for my home office – I was lucky they had a few left in stock.

  6. The Ikea nearest to me can’t keep the gray hemnes line in stock. So great they added the gray option.

    • that’s what i’m hearing, linda – can’t keep them in stock. i just ordered 2 expedit bookcases in birch from atlanta and they are on backorder. bummer.

      • Hate to break it to you, but I ordered two Expedit Bookcases (the 5×5 ones) in Birch over the phone (my home store is Philadelphia) – September 15 – and they were on backorder then. God knows when we’ll get our Expedits! My house is in Limbo! Like Purgatory but messier!!!!

  7. They’ve had it for years. Aren’t gray and white traditional Swedish decor colors?

    We almost installed gray kitchen cabinets from IKEA back in 2005, but chickened out since we knew we needed to sell shortly after that. I was sad they discontinued that color. So nice IKEA is offering even more pieces in gray!

  8. Looks a bit like a take off on the Restoration Hardware look…? I like it!

  9. finally somewhere that feels my same pain. my studio is a complete mess and it’s all because IKEA ran out of the 5×5 birch effect expedit. love the gray new stuff though. but i desperately need my expedit…

  10. I have a dresser set in this gray brown color from ikea, but I am having the absolute hardest time figuring out what color to paint the walls, to avoid giving the furniture a dirty/dingy look!!!

    • Sounds like you need to look at some warmer, “dirtier” colors for a wall color. A “clean” color will make the dresser look dirty, while another dirty color will look good. Also, look at colors that have a dose of gray in them (like a blue or green with a gray undertone)

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