Painting Progress and a Visit from Granny

Halloween week is always fun, putting together costumes with the kids and eating all kinds of candy you simply should not be.  I have three zits on my forehead right now because of it.



My work week was productive, as well.  Lots of painting going on this week with my clients, both local and e-clients.  I went by and checked the progress of interior painting in the newly-purchased house of a newlywed couple who are wanting to make it their home.

benjamin moore hazy skies

painting progress


Things are moving along great here!  We’re establishing a whole new paint color palette for this home.  This is the way the same space looked just a few weeks ago:




And the master bedroom previously had a rather aggressive ceiling that looked like this:


master bedroom before 


That same ceiling is now becoming the elegant feature it was always supposed to be:

painted beam ceiling

ceiling after



After painting, our next step will be to shop for furnishings for the master bedroom – we’ve already made our list!  So back to Halloween:  look who came to visit me for Halloween this year:

granny halloween costume


Isn’t she the cutest granny you have ever seen?  Happy Halloween!

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Linda Saylor
Linda Saylor

What is the color in the master bedroom?


Yes, she is the CuTeSt granny I’ve ever seen! 🙂

Pam Roaldsand

I love Granny’s rolled down knee highs! Details!

Jann from Newton Custom Interiors

I love the bedroom ceiling with it’s new paint job. Much improved! I was wondering what is the paint color of the kitchen cabinets? They look great too.

Paula Van Hoogen
Paula Van Hoogen

That granny costume wins them ALL!! She has got an amazing sense of humor–wow!
You guys just KNOW how to have fun!!!

Donna Frasca

That was an aggressive ceiling! It had such an ominous presence which surely doesn’t need to be in the home. Make it beautiful Kristie!


Yes, she is a beautiful granny!
And that was one bossy color in the bedroom!