How the Right Paint Colors Can Make A Great First Impression

Do you believe that first impressions count?  What impression do your front door and entry make on your guests?

Newly-Painted Black Front Door


I recently did a Color Consultation for a Nashville client who needed to get her home ready to sell.  The outside needed a pick-me-up, as you can see:

Tired Oak Door


This oak entry had been battered by the elements.  When I suggested painting the entire thing black, I think my client was taken a little aback that I didn’t suggest re-staining it instead.   A little black paint can be a powerful thing:

Updated House Exterior


The area around the double windows in the front, as well as the boxes below all the front windows were previously painted in a pinky-beige color.

Exterior Before


I specified a slightly different neutral with a more current undertone (green), which makes the house look more sophisticated and current.  Oh, and I also had her spray paint her existing worn sconces black.  I was so happy to see how well it turned out:

 exterior color by the decorologist

Fresh and Current Exterior


The makeover extended past the front door into the entry.  This is what the entry looked like before – notice the floors and how they don’t seem to fit with the faux-finished wall treatment.

Entry Before


And this is a view of the entry from the open front door.  The door you see straight ahead leads into the main living area of the house.

Interior Entry Before


I had my client just remove that awkward door so that it opened up the space.  The black door ties into the grout of the flooring, and the new wall color is lighter and more welcoming than the previous dark faux-finished color.

nashville color consultant

Updated Entry Colors


I think this project was definitely a success and goes to show you what a little paint and a little know-how can do!  If you want to improve your current paint color scheme, contact The Decorologist to schedule a Color Consultation.

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What were the white rectangles above the shuttered windows in the before? Whatever they were, they look better gone!


I love that you’re brave enough to tackle the outside of a house. Before I started reading this blog, I doubt I EVER would have been courageous enough to change the “big” stuff outside. Everything looks GREAT!

barbara jacobs

Good post, Kristie – I also love to do exterior color, you can make such a huge difference. Each time the homeowner ‘comes home,’ they can enjoy it even before they open the door!

Kelly Berg
Kelly Berg

Definitely an improvement, Kristie! Black door looks MUCH better.That funky double window is a challenge. Some things color just can’t fix on its own….

Sheila Zeller

Looks awesome, Kristie! And I really like your suggestion to remove the interior door – that was genius! And thank you for responding to my black paint for doors question. There are so many blacks out there and these people are struggling with a too-blue black already. Your feedback was really helpful, and very much appreciated!

Ellen@Color Calling

Hi Kristie, haven’t I seen that same entry floor on your blog before? Is this just a popular look in Nashville? Or maybe it is the same house! Anyway, really nice updates and I enjoy your blog! Ellen


Wow! Amazing what you did with the front door. Looks soooo much better. The house looked so worn and tired in the before picture. Now it looks so warm and welcoming. Great job!!


You are so amazing!

Paula Van Hoogen
Paula Van Hoogen

Well done, Kristie!!! I noticed you had them define the walkway to the front door by grooming it with pine straw and pruning the bushes. Good simple technique to show the approach from the street! Also cutting the lawn helped. Brick is not the easiest thing to work around. Did you say the name of this black?
The only thing I would do would be to add a couple of over-sized new black sconces outside.
I love to see this kind of transformation! Please post more! Especially @ this time of year, we could all use a spruce up. Happy Springtime!

Andrea May

Vast improvement and a great post. Very well done! xo

Carol Standil

Great job, Kristie! The “after” raises this house to a whole new league!

Maria Killam

I love black with orange brick! Fabulous update Kristie!

Michelle@Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust

Hello Friend, This is such a great post. Can’t believe the difference it made to paint that door! Thanks so much for linking up to Fabulous Friday at Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust.

Warmly, Michelle


Awesome! What type of paint did you use? (Sheen? Oil? Latex? etc.)